To Strip or not to Strip??

09 Apr 2010 | by | Posted in: Grooming


We have all heard that hand stripping/ plucking  a variety of terriers will successfully bring out the best equality n their show coat . This is true for dogs shown in a temperate climate. As such the dog's coat adapts during the seasons where the undercoat gets thicker for winter or sheds off during summers months. I'm not convince that this technique is useful in a tropical climate though. It's like having hot summers months throughout the year and these dogs eg. wire hair fox terriers , scottish terries somehow adapt without developing an undercoat. Therefore, it naturally goes to say that hand stripping may be redundant and not effective to bring out the best in the show coat. Furthermore, while undercoat tend to shed away, it also is less painful to pluck and strip. The opposite is true for summer coats; which does not yield easily and causes discomfort to the dog if pluck harshly. There may be some skin haemorhage.  Humid and hot conditions promote the spread of bacteria and fungal spores. This may give rise to skin problems in and around broken skin. I like an opinion on this and preferably from any helpful veterinarians who may be kind to confirm or disagree.

We got so much to share and if you have questions concerning professional pet grooming...well ask away. We're here to help but we dont pretend to know All. We'll try our best and that's a promise

Cheers... DogCare Groom Team

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