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Stronger Laws Against Physical Abuse of Animals - A Milestone Ahead

22 Jul 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag News

A penalty of INR 10 will get you away from physical abuse of a pet or an animal while fine of INR 50 can get you away from you second offence of cruelty. Such is the affair of animal safety and protection in India.


Animal Abuse or Animal neglect has been defined as infliction of suffering or harm on animals for purposes other than self defence and may encompass harm inflicted for personal amusement. Everyday we hear gruesome stories of animal neglect and animal abuse on social and print media and it makes us wonder of the world has gone to sadists. Even though laws exist for the protection against physical abuse of animals, animal lovers are urging for stringent laws with strict judicial system against offenders.

According to  The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, animal cruelty includes non wilful administering of experimental drugs, confining an animal to a cage without sufficient space for movement, keeping an animal chained or tethered for long periods, starve or dehydrate the pet or animal by either neglect or by abandoning the animal or pet, or uses the animal as a bait for killing or mutilates or injures an animal or pet through experimental operations.

Animal lovers and activists have been urging government to pass stringent laws such as the draft of Animal Welfare Act 2011, under the guidance of Animal Welfare Board of India and the draft of the Pet Shop Rules to ensure safety of animals and pets against cruelty. Increased awareness amongst people in collaboration with People for Animals (Contact: +917680968789 / +919849993374 / Rescue - +919989113550) in Hyderabad has seen abuse and cruelty cases finding judicial help against owners or people who inflicted the same. Butchers in slaughterhouses, people inflicting pain or injury to domestic or wild animals have been sent to judicial custody and prison.



Source: petsafetynews.com

Similar collaborations and setting up of a speedy justice system will encourage the prevention of cruelty and animal abuse as it is only the awakened humans who can fight for the rights of harmless animals who fall into the hands of people who ill treat Them. Appended is the list of offences and fines applicable on cruelty towards animals:



List of Offence


Fine Applicable

In case an animal is killed due to cruelty

Booked under Indian Penal Code Section 429

Imprisonment upto 5 years

Illegal slaughtering of cows / buffaloes / camel / goats


Fine of INR 50

Cruelty of Animals

Wildlife Act

Peacock - INR 25,000 fine or imprisonment of 6 years or both

Cruelty against animals - Monitor Lizard, Parakeets and Snakes. The possession or killing of these animals can draw a penalty.

Wildlife Protection Act

  • Monitor Lizard - offenders face prosecution with a penalty of INR 10,000 and imprisonment upto 7 years

  • Parakeets - Maximum fine of INR 25,000 or imprisonment upto 3 years

  • Snakes - it is a non - bailable offence under Section 9 and 39 of the Act            

Cruelty Against Animals - Domestic / Wild

The Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals Act, 1960

  • 1st Offence - a fine between INR 10 - INR 50

  • 2nd Offence - Fine between INR 25 - INR 100

Cow Slaughter and Animal Preservation

AP Prohibition of Cow Slaughter & Animal Preservation Act, 1979

  • Prohibits slaughter of cows without proper certification from authorities

  • 6 months imprisonment / INR 1000 fine or both    

Transportation of Animals

  • Motor vehicle cannot carry more than 6 animals without prior permission from Vet

  • No transportation in open body vehicles

AP Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989; Rule 253


If you or your city has collaborated with Animal Welfare organisations such as HSI / SPCA / People for Animals, do write in to us and share your views.


Source: Deccan Chronicle & Deccan Chronicle

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