Summer Care Tips for Dog

20 Sep 2012 | by | Posted in: Wellness

The heat is most certainly on for your dog during the summer months.Your dog requires special care during this period. As a guide on how to take care of your pet, we have prepared the following list. Please go through it carefully and implement it earnestly.

Dog Bath

1.Do not let your Dog exercise in hot weather as chances of a heat stroke multiply. If you want to make your dog run, or play with him in the garden or elsewhere, do it in the evening or early morning. Also, if your dog has heavy fur, you need to spend even lesser time in the sun.Dogs do not cool down quickly and that’s the main reason why we need to be extra cautious.

2.Do not overexert your dog.

3.Trim your pet occasionally. Less fur enables her to remain cool.

4.Do not make your Dog walk/play on too hot a surface. When it’s hot for a human, it is also hot for a dog. Be careful and keep checking the paws for burn marks. A hot surface,additionally, prevents heat loss

5.Cars tend to warm up very quickly.Do not leave your pet in a car which is parked in the open sun, even if the windows are open. Dogs breathe through panting and in such a scenario they pant in hot air.

6.If the car is switched off (AC is off):The temperature of the car, however cool it may be, won’t make any difference to your pet. The car would warm up at the same pace.

7.The ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of car travel:While driving with your dog, open the window wide enough to let ‘in’fresh air, but not wide enough to let‘out’ the dogs head.Plan your travel; keeping your dog in mind. Try to take the pet with you wherever you go.

8.Make sure your Dog sleeps in a cool and well shaded place. Do not expose him to sunlight. Make sure drinking water is available to your dog 24 hours.

9.Hot weather may force your dog to drink dirty water. Do not allow such behaviour and give vet approved de-worming tablets.

10.Sprinkle water on your dog sporadically.

11.Fleas and ticks are most dangerous during the summer months. Be on a special lookout for them.

12.Just like old people, old pets require and demand extra care.

13.Do not give food that is not easily digestible. Keep the dog light.

14.Water is not necessarily cold all the time. Check the temperature before giving a bath, shampoo etc…

15.Sand tends to warm up quickly. Don’t let him/her play in sand. This is more important for pet owners living in coastal areas like Mumbai and Chennai.Always keep some ice/cold water handy.

16.You can use sunscreen, if required.Remember to not use the human variety. Ask your vet. Be vigilant on the ear, nose and lip area. Dogs get sun burnt quite often. Especially those that have a light coloured fur or a light coloured nose.

17.Your pet is like your child. Provide him all affordable comforts. Use the AC, fan to make her comfortable.

18.If your dog has access to a swimming pool, be mindful of the fact that a pool can be precarious.

19.Loud noise coupled with excessive heat can be a deadly combination. Keep your dog away from high decibel places. Leave the dog at home.

20.Summer time is the time for plant food, pesticides, insecticides etc. Keep your dog away as these substances are poisonous.

21.Keep all the vaccinations up-to-date.

22.The number of bites and wounds double in the summer months. Keep your dog away from street dogs.Leash him whenever you are outside.Make sure he does not run away.

23.Brush your pet regularly.

24.Be aware of summer allergies and treat them instantly.

25.Some signs of heat stroke include panting, staring, anxious expression, refusal to obey commands, warm & dry skin, high fever, rapid heartbeat, vomiting and collapse.Use common sense and make sure you and your dog enjoy ‘what you guys do this summer’


hi der... datz a very useful article 4r all d pet lovers....can u share some tips regarding d care in winter seasons...especially d diet...nd all....its good 2 kno dat dogs nd humans need d same care in summer...esp summer....;)

By: Sajjad | 18 Oct 2012

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