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'Superdogs' - Top Ten Hero Canines

07 Aug 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag News

We have always known and talked about dogs and their bravery. We have also talked about their undying loyalty and their faithfulness. We know that dogs would go up to any heights to save their masters. Dogs are just like humans when it comes to emotions. From feeling awestruck and happy to dismal and protective, they have this uncanny ability to be heroic and save people. These dogs are filled with selflessness and the amount of loyalty and intelligence that they possess will shock you. We have here listed ten dogs that have displayed their utter act of heroism in some instances or the other.

An American Pitbull Terrier, who was eventually renamed 'Sergeant' Stubby for his heroic feats. He is the most famous war dog of World War 1 and is the only dog to be nominated for a rank in the Army. Stubby saved his regiment from gas attacks by warning them well in advance, also comforted them incase they had wounds. He became a celebrity soon after word spread out about his heroic deeds.
He died on April 4th 1926 and he was preserved with his skin mounted on a plaster coat.



source: greyfriarsbobby.co.uk


During the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, she searched for victims and saved twelve people. She was honored by ASPCA as the dog of the year. Pearl, a black labrador retriever was abandoned during childhood. Pearl was later picked up by volunteers from National Search Dog Foundation. People from there trained her to be a search and rescue dog.




Psycho is a Chihuahua and a Poodle mix that saved the little member of the family from a Rattlesnake. Maya Delarosa was making mud pies when she heard rattles and hiss. Just when she looked down, she saw a rattlesnake ready to attack her.
This is when Psycho leapt into action when he was bitten on the eyelids and eventually had to get his eye removed. Maya, and her entire family calls Psycho a hero. They believe that they would have had serious troubles had Psycho not been there.




Ashepoo, an Australian Shepherd was termed as a hero by his family when he stayed by Peyton’s side through an entire ordeal of getting lost in the woods.  
Peyton Myrick, a two year old boy in South Carolina got lost for more than four hours while his grandfather worked on the nearby tractors.
It was later in the evening when people saw Ashepoo with Peyton sleeping with him, unhurt and unfazed. Peyton’s father calls Ashepoo a hero after this incident.Had it not been Ashepoo, Peyton would have been lost in the woods, or would have been hunted by wild animals.


source: dogheirs.com


Duke, the most obedient dog according to the family helped in saving the life of their nine week old daughter Harper.
Jenna Brouser, the mother of Harper gives Duke all the credits for informing them about Harpers irrational breathing.
It was late at night when Duke started jumping on the bed and because of this unusual behaviour, they went in to check their daugher and found that she wasn't breathing properly. They immediately called 911 and she was recovered.


source: dailymail.co.uk


Toby, an intelligent two year old Golden Retriever saved his master from choking on an apple. His owner was eating an apple while she choked and failed on doing the Heimlich Manoeuvre on herself. This is when Toby took notice and jumped on her chest until the piece of fruit dislodged. His owner says that it was Toby’s own version of Heimlich that he did on her.




Bear is a Black Labrador Retriever that saved a fourteen month old boy from drowning when he fell in a backyard pool. This young boy named Stanley Drauch fell into their pool and was followed by Bear who made sure that the toddlers head was above the water when he got him out of the pool. Stanley’s mom gave Bear all the credits to their loyal dog for saving the kid.




Shanna, a wolf-GSD hybrid saved an elderly couple from a snow storm.
Norman and Eve were trapped by a snowstorm when Shanna dug her way through to pull the couple out to safety. She safely pulled them and saved their lives.




A then five month old English Cocker Spaniel was the dog of the year in 2006. She saved her owner from a violent car crash when the car was stuck upside down. Michael Bosch was stuck in her Suv when it rolled down the highway. She managed to release the dog so that she could fetch some help. Hoey, being the intelligent dog that she was, went  to the main road and got herself and Bosch a help of a man. Had Honey not been there, Bosch would have died.




Rocky, a colorado Police dog made headlines in 2002 for chasing a burglar down the street. He also took bullet in the process of catching a 20 year old thug. According to Darren Mauer, the bullet did not stop him. He was just as fierce and adamant as he was before in catching the burglar.


If you know dogs that have helped in save someone or has done some heroic act then you can share them with us.

source: dogguide.net

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