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Tag The Dog - Boxer

27 Aug 2014 | by Anoopa Anand | Posted in: Wag News

This series of articles is written to educate the reader about dog types and breeds. It is advisable to understand the original characteristics of each type and breed of dog, from the point of view of choosing the best match for you and your family. Just like it is unwise to choose a human friend or companion based purely on good looks, a canine companion also needs to be chosen based on compatibility and not physical appeal alone.

The Canine Comedian

From back in the day when I used to board dogs, one of my favourite memories is a long weekend with a boxer named Bella. On the second day of her boarding with me, I came back home from a meeting and she bounded up to me and hugged me. That was my first experience with the boxer hug and, as much as I dislike anthropomorphising, I fell quite madly in love with the idea of the hugging dog. Today, when I accidentally hug my dachshund in a fit of human affection, he tolerates it with a grimace and I think of how Bella would have leaned right into that hug.



The boxer is a working dog used originally for bull-baiting, a horrifying “sport” that was popular in many European countries. Their strong jaws and athletic bodies help them grab large game – like boar, deer and even the odd baby bear – and hang on till the hunter can come and kill them. Because of their strength and courage, boxers are widely used by the military, the police, and in search-and-rescue operations. Boxers are very active dogs and are known for their patience, be it with a child or another animal. They will make ideal companion dogs for an active family and a family with children and/or other animals, all provided you bring them up well, as you would any other youngster in the house.


Boxers are stubborn and have a strong independent streak.

You cannot bore a boxer while training or, for that matter, force them into learning things. You’ve got to find ways of making it fun. The only way to a boxer’s brain is through interesting, challenging yet persistent effort. Most canine behaviourists will agree that early and consistent training is critical for a well-settled adult boxer. Boxers also gain maturity when they are about three years old, which means they will be playful, inquisitive, exuberant and naughty through their long adolescence and young adulthood. Remember these adjectives and work with them, not against. Learn to enjoy them!


Boxers need daily mental and physical exertion.

They’re known for their agility and inquisitive nature. Ideally, a boxer should have the kind of human companion who enjoys a good run or jog every day. Even long walks on the leash are fine, provided you can find new routes and places for your boxer to let his or her mind wander. Don’t forget the leash, though; boxers are notorious for their propensity to let their bodies wander as well!


Boxers drool,and snore

 Blessed with magnificent jowl and short snout, boxers are known for their majestic snore when they sleep, besides fairly large quantities of persistent drool.  A string of drool should keep a family tied fairly close together, but if you’re the sort of person who’d let a little lack of personal hygiene come in the way of eternal love, you might want to reconsider your choice of dog.


Boxers are unsuited to living outdoors.

If you’re looking for a guard dog that will stay up all night and all day, sit at the gate and bark at strangers, hire a professional security guard. While boxers are known to make extremely good watchdogs, they don’t do very well if they’re made to stay outdoors for prolonged periods of time. Their short noses don’t cool hot air effectively in summer and their short coats don’t keep them warm enough in winter. Additionally, if you live in a particularly cold or hot place, pick a breed that will enjoy the vast differences in temperature. Boxers don’t.

To sum up, if you’re the sort of person who enjoys a good mental challenge, a boxer is the dog for you. Boxers enjoy daily physical and mental exercise, so a good long walk or two and interesting dog toys are highly recommended for the boxer, while you keep yourself busy with the daily crossword. You’ve got to learn to embrace the drool and a rhythmic snore at bedtime, if you want to live with this dog. Finally, boxers are a fan of the Great Outdoors and the Great Indoors. Make room inside your home and your heart, and your boxer and you can live in peace, joy and good health for several years.

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