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19 Mar 2008 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Hi everyone,
I am Frisky, a male, Welsh Corgi mix pup, staying in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
Everyone says my name suits me, because i am an active, eveready(like the batteries) for walks, loving puppy.
I have been with my parents for over 5 months now, and I am very happy. Whenever other humans ask my parents about me, they say,they are lucky to have me. And that I chose them, and not the other way around. Well, if a puppy can't smell a loving pair from far away, I wonder who can?
I was brought in to the Phoenix Humane Society from another small city in Arizona, so my birthdate isnt exact. Therefore, my mom calculates my birthday from when I came to live here with them, so my first birthday falls on April 29, 2008.Yippeeeeee!! I am a big boy!
About me: I am very friendly, and love to play. I love small kids especially, and whenever I see people having fun, chasing a ball or frisbee, I want to go run too.
I love playing with dogs bigger than me. Great danes, Weimaraners, Bull mastiffs, Lab's, German shepherds, everyone!
You know why? They can't keep up with me when I run, thats why!!!! I have a whole bag of tricks up my little paw, yes I do.
But my mom holds me back till I am in a safer place. My parents love me very much, and knowing my free spirit, they take me for walks 3 -4 times a day. Our neighbours have give me the title of  'The Most Walked Dog'  inside our complex.
I go to the dog park here, every weekend, with my mom and dad, and I meet all the other dogs, and we have fun.
I am free of my leash then,and happily romp, scamper around,and generally ignore my parents till I am thirsty or its time for us to get back home.
I know I am being a bad boy, when they call me repeatedly, and i don't come. But then, i want their benefit too. Exercise is good for everyone, isn't it?
And so, I make my mom n dad chase me a bit, before I decide to listen to them. Come on!! I am a good boy,
All I do is have a little fun with my parents.
Well, thats enough about me for now. I will write about my experiences here later.
Eager to know more about my doggie friends in India, so buck up, take a paw,and write in to me.
Thursday, March 20, 2008.
This morning it was cold outside. The grass was wet. However, I had a nice time playing with my toy frog,named Gribbit.
Did I tell you guys? I can do a whole bunch of tricks. There is a store here, called Petsmart, which is the most wonderful place I have visited.
Its doggie Eden. I went for training classes there. In puppy education class, I was the Valedictorian. In tricks class too, I passed with honours.
I really like doing these tricks, because I know my parents are proud of me, and i get a lot of treats and hugs and kisses.
Did you know one bit of news guys? A woman here was fined $1000 recently, because she dyed her poodle's coat.
Isn't that ghastly? Poor poodle.
Well, I gotta run now. Will catch up later.
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