how to take care of a puppy or dog when gving him or her a bath

14 Mar 2010 | by | Posted in: Wellness


First dont over bath, it dries the coat. Next never brush backwards to hair growth even during bathing. Make sure his is on a high quality food (nothing from a grocery store) and add salmon oil or an omega fatty acid supplement to his diet. You can use human labeled or a product called welactin which is given in squirts by body weight. Even amongst good foods not all dogs react/process them the same, a food one dog does awesome on another may not, it could be a food related allergy as well. Has this been an ongoing issue and have you changed his food before it started? You may want to make sure this isnt something else with a vet visit like staph (especially with acne) or a type of mange, is there any hair loss or thinning? Wouldnt hurt to have his thryoid function checked by your vet. Make sure you get all shampoo off, residue will cause flakes and itching. I final rinse with vinegar/water 50/50 and left on to dry will remove any soap residue, it also helps to balance the ph. Dont use straight shampoo, dilute it with water and pour it on a wash rag to rub on him, easier to get it out if you didnt use too much, straight on the back can leave soapy spots even if you rinse like mad. Make sure you use a quality shampoo that is ph balanced for dogs. Vinegar water solution can be sprayed from a spray bottle on itchy spots between baths, it removes odor, reduces itchies, leaves a soft coat and nice sheen and doesnt smell once dry, allways allow it to dry on the coat, if you have to spray to the point of dripping do it outside and let him shake off the excess. On the acne if it is on his chin dont use a plastic bowl and wipe his chin off after he eats, it is usually caused by bacteria. Some dogs are also allergic to the plastics and they often give bacteria a place to grow. Ham is ok as long as you dont use too much, it does contain a lot of salt.

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