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Taking Care of Miniature Dogs

25 Mar 2013 | by | Posted in: Wellness

Ever wondered why small dog breeds are more expensive than the big ones? Among other things, most of these miniature dogs, as they are called, aren’t original breeds. They are a mix of two separate dog species, something done deliberately by breeders to cater to a section of people who prefer to have a cross instead of an original. The end result something exotic, and of course cute! But this cute little thing is not to be taken lightly. Taking care of miniature dogs is a task in itself.

Since small dog breeds are considered better suited to apartments or small spaces, they get to use mother-nature less. So, it is less natural air for their lungs, less access to open spaces to run around, more exposure to sitting under the air conditioner. So, common sense says, they need extra attention compared to the big dogs. Also, dog experts believe that since most of these species are mixed breeds, they inherit not just their good looks from their respective parents, but also their diseases. No wonder, these are high-maintenance breeds.

But then, if you love your little angels, no task is tough enough, isn’t it! And, love is that one thing which ensures that your beloved pet is taken care of.

Work out with them

Sitting through the day in a small space isn’t going to do any good to a miniature dog breed. These pets need to be taken out of the air conditioned atmosphere and out in the open. Give them the exercise their lungs need. Let them breathe some fresh air. Loosen that leash a little and go running with them. While you will enjoy your workout too, a welcome change from the gym, your little pet too will end up releasing that pent up energy outdoors. Who knows, his or her constant barking that is so annoying to the neighbours may get toned down a little. Just remember, don’t overdo it. They do need fresh air, but they can’t handle extreme temperatures. It should be neither too hot for them nor too cold. Bring them back in if it starts to get too hot or too cold outside.

Feed them well

Pets become so important in our lives from day one that we start treating them as members of our family. Anything that we do or any experience that we have, we want to share it with them too. But, despite you treating these miniature dogs as your own children, you need to remember that they are animals, with specific needs. You may love chocolate to death, don’t feed them the dark delight. It may or may not cause immediate harm to the dog but in the long run, it is not a good thing for the dogs. And, it can also lead to them losing their fine coat. Similarly, cheese may or may not suit your dog’s digestive system. If it doesn’t, stop feeding him that. But some dogs do take a fancy to cheese, like my German Shepherd. He would leap at the sight of even a cheese wrapper. But then, all dogs aren’t the same and miniature dogs are a separate matter altogether. To each his own.

Clean up your home

When there are little kids at home, you are extra cautious so that they don’t touch the switchboard, or encounter dangerous objects while playing. Similarly, make sure your home is completely safe for your miniature dogs. As the name suggests, miniature dogs are so tiny that they can under the bed, under the sofa, under the stairs. You can’t be running behind them all day long. What you can do, however, is make sure when the dogs are playing around, there is nothing that gets in their way, on the floor or under things. You sure don’t want to miss your morning meeting so you don’t want your dog howling in pain for having hurt himself right then. Be sensible and take away anything you think might hurt the little ones.

Grooming matters

The adorable looking toy that your miniature dog is, with his beautiful coat, will not remain so if his grooming needs are not taken care of. Clipping his nails, plucking his inner ear hair and emptying his anal glands are extremely crucial. This is something that should be left to the experts to do as you might end up hurting your baby than making him look presentable. But otherwise, you can take care of his grooming at home too. Brushing and combing you can and must do every single day. It would help keep the shine on the coat and also let you see if there are any parasites or lumps on him. Also, before you take him for a bath, the brushing would help detangle any knots in his coat. Right Dog grooming tools are extremely important too like the right nail clipper. And please, don’t use the same clipper that humans use. If the animal is fidgety during the grooming session and won’t settle down at one place, then make him do things that will tire him out. He will eventually resign and sit quietly while you tidy him up.

Take time out

There is no doubt about the fact that pets are like kids at home. They need the same amount of love, care and attention that you would give your own kid, probably even more. These furry friends of ours need our time than anything else in this world. No matter how busy you are, you have to take time out to be with your pets. So even if it is a grueling day at work or at home, a few minutes of your day spent with them is all they need. Play with them their favourite games, run with him, jog with them, eat with them, basically do anything that makes them happy. And trust me, nothing makes them happier than being with their family, which is you.

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