That's How You Introduce Your Dog to Your New Baby!

23 Apr 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Well, a pregnancy does affect the entire house. You would feel thrilled, anxious, or rather worried. Don’t forget that the dog will only try to mirror your emotions. So, try to be as positive and joyful as possible when expecting your baby.


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We have some useful tips for you to help your pet get accustomed to the new growing family.

Before the baby is born

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  • Accustom your dog to some baby-related noises even months before you are expecting your baby. For instance, play the recordings of a crying baby, use the rocking chair and just turn on the infant swing. Make your pet go through these positive experiences in the form of a treat or at playtime.
  • It is a great idea to use a cute baby doll so that your pet gets used to the real baby later. Just carry around a baby doll and use the doll so as to get your dog used to the routine baby activities like diaper changing, bathing, etc.
  • Talk to your pet about your baby.  You can use the name of the baby provided you have chosen one.
  • To make your pet get familiar with new smells, you can sprinkle some baby oil or baby powder on your skin.

Such things will prepare your dog mentally to accept and get along with the new life joining the family.

Upon the arrival of the baby

1. Introducing your dog to the baby

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You can start by taking your pet on quite a long walk. Make sure you drain all of the dog's energy. Wait at the doorstep when returning; ensure your dog is likely in a calm and submissive state when inviting him/her in. Upon entering, the dog will instantly smell the new scent. Provided you have introduced the scent already, it will be a bit familiar. The parent who is holding the baby should be in a totally calm state. You can allow the pet to sniff the baby, however, at a distance. Don’t bring the baby very close to the baby in the first meeting. Slowly, you can allow the dog to get closer to your baby.

2. Teach your baby

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When your kid is in the exploratory stage, it is vital to supervise all the interactions between the baby and the dog. Teach your child about how not to bother the pet, yank her tail, and so on.


Needless to mention, life will be really hectic taking care of the new baby; however, try to maintain the regular routines to help your dog adjust. Make sure you spend quality time with your dog each day. With proper training, adjustments and supervision, you, your pet and your new baby must be able to get along safely and happily.



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