The Art of Living - Lessons by Doggo

30 Dec 2017 | by | Posted in: Life with Dogs

There is so much for a person to learn from dogs. Here, I present to you, Lessons from the masters of life, that will guide us to  become more present in the moment and less consumed by and tied up in our thoughts and emotions. 

1. Living in the moment:

We tend to spend a lot of time in planning, thinking and criticizing our actions. On the other hand, Dogs have it all sorted. They know that time stops for no one and thus, they make the most of what they have and when they have. Maybe, if we stopped questions everything that goes around in our life and started enjoying our existence, this world would be a happier place for all of us.

2. Focus on what is important- FOOD

One of the best ways to catch your puppy's attention is to say the three magical words, "Time for Food' and in a fraction of second they'll be all ready and attentive. When the food is served, there is nothing that can distract them, not even their favourite toy. What do we do when we sit down with our meal? Our phones keep us engaged or the latest TV series. We never really focus on what we are eating which not to mention is a cause of major health conditions.

3. Wake up without anxiety

No matter how naughty your puppy is, they always wake up according to their schedule. When a dog wakes up, he is all fresh and pumped with good energy, they stretch a little here and there and then get to their routine and we usually have a grumpy morning with all the alarms beeping and phones ringing.

4. Take time off and relax

Most importantly they relax when they take time off playing or other routine activities. Our mind is constantly working on ten things at a time. Even when we sit down to relax, we keep thinking about what is pending and what the next step should be. After all it is necessary for us to take some time off everything, keep our gadgets aside and relax, for real.

If only we could imitate the tactics of our pets to live, we would be so much more calm and happy. Its never too late to try, lets try from today.


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