THE BANKER; Cash is not the only thing. Our furballs demand cookies!

30 May 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

So what’s a bank? Some place for money transactions only? Or cookies too? Yep, cookie banks for your dogs, how’s the idea!




Yep. The day is not far when dogs take over the world. And how can we poor people prevent it? Dogs are the most adorable creatures in the whole wide world. With their large liquid eyes and floppy ears and lolling tongues, how can their delightful charms be resisted?

But well, it’s official now.  Dogs have officially learnt the art of making bank withdrawals. And nope. They do not need documents and ids and stuff like us two legged primates. Nuh uh. Just goo-eyes and wagging tails and hopping up and down is enough for them. Not to get money right now, perhaps, but at least to get free cookies. LOTS of free cookies. How’s that?! I never got a free cookie in my life. And then in comes a darling doggy, and using his charming doggy skills shows us measly humans how it’s done.

Meet Gracie the Golden retriever. Gracie the Gorgeous with fluffy silky golden fur and soft droopy ears and gorgeous lovable eyes and a wagging floozy tail. She suavely walks into a bank and then proceeds to hop about the counter, up and down and up and down, melting the hearts of the people and leading them to offer her free cookies. Not one. Not two. Not even three. But MORE. Damn. THAT is how it’s done, eh, Gracie?

The funniest part is that Gracie seems to be aware that she is being caught on film. She looks towards the camera a couple of times and almost seems to smirk. Then she turns her attention back to the people behind the counter and powers up the charm times ten. The people-inevitable, of course-melt and offer her free cookie after cookie and cookie. She is more than satisfied with herself.

Gracie is not the only smart sassy animal sensation in the world who could con people of ANYTHING just with her gorgeous looks and oh-so-dripping charm. There is a whole pantheon of them. Think of all the smart cat videos that you have seen. And them birds! Uff! We humans are not going to last long in power. Their cuteness and sass is going to overpower our hearts and we will end up willingly handing over the reins to the dogs and cats and birds. Gracie’s smirk more than shows how she is in league with others for World Domination!

Well, good going Gracie! I learnt from you how to get free cookies!


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