The Dark Side of Festive Season, Save the Strays!

06 Oct 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

The festive season is here and we know you guys are totally ready for all the fun and frolic. But have you ever thought how scared is your dog when he hears the firecrackers bursting outside? It is really a hard time for your four-legged member. Moreover, it’s not only your dog who gets scared but the stray dogs suffer the most.


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On and off there have been numerous incidents where people throw firecrackers at the sleeping dogs on street or tie it to their tails.  Insensitivity touches a new low during the festive season. With so many festivals around, like Durga Pooja, Dusshera, Diwali, these pups need to be taken care of, but due to lack of initiative, they are left alone to suffer and deal with immense noise from firecrackers. The best thing that can be done this festive season is to adopt stray dogs, if not forever, but at least for a couple of nights. Provide them shelter and some food. Each locality can take care of neighbourhood strays.



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If you have a little pup at home, it is essential for you to take a little extra care of them. They might wander outside and get injured. Hence, feed the pooches before the firecrackers start. It is advisable to not to burn firecrackers. However, it is difficult to stop everyone from doing it, thus stuff cotton or ear plugs in dogs’ ears to keep them safe. Place a bowl of water near their beds to keep them hydrated. In addition, avoid giving them sleeping pills or other medications to keep them away from strident noises.


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It is you who will have to make an effort this festive season. A number of homeless dogs get badly injured or some die in the name of celebration. One has to understand that the true essence of a festival lies in spreading love. Do the good deed this festive season and take care of the strays.


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