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The Heartwarming Story of Ollie & Cassey, the Three Legged Golden Retrievers

02 Apr 2017 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Though I never had the chance to know Ollie and his family personally, I can now say, I am thankful that in a way, I did know Ollie. Not in a way that most would understand, it is in the way that I knew his soul. He and our Casey were two of the same, and it doesn’t take me knowing Ollie in person to be sure of this. The beauty of these special souls is that their presence can be felt anywhere, by anyone; through a physical encounter with them, or even through a computer/phone screen. Because of this alone, their presence can still be felt today.

It is one that cannot be explained, but only felt by those who they helped inspire.

Ollie had stolen the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people almost over night with a video of him conquering a great feat that had went viral. Over a short amount of time, Ollie had raised over 80,000 followers on Instagram, and quickly became an internet sensation. There were numerous news articles and posts shared about this adorable little three-legged wonder, as his fan base continued to grow incredibly. I remember a friend of mine sharing the video with me on Facebook, because they knew I could relate with my own three-legged blessing, and I also fell spell with this little guy. I had followed every post and adventure of Ollie since then, watching him grow and conquer the world one hope at a time, at the same time as my Casey, into this magical world-wide inspiration. Ollie had the power to make a total stranger’s day, with just a single photo.

Ollie was more than a dog, he was a message to us all.

When Alex's dad post came up on my feed, exactly two days after our loss of Casey, my entire body went numb, and I can still feel the chill run down my spine. I read it over but wasn’t able to comprehend what had just happened. I cried, I felt the same guilt and grief for Ollie that I still did for Casey. My heart ached so badly for Ollie’s family, not only because of their loss, but because I knew exactly, and was feeling exactly the same that they were. I already knew too well how horrid of a feeling this was, and how badly Alex and Leanne were broken. I cried at the thought of someone else having to go through the same pain, and at the thought that this sweet little soul had been ripped away from us all. I also ached for all of Ollie’s loving fans, the ones who were beside him since the beginning, who sat waiting for his beautiful, smiling face to come up on their screen that day with a positive message to help them conquer their own day-to-day struggles. Somehow, by some crazy work of God, in that same week, we had lost two of this cruel world’s most precious blessings.

Though, their legacies had only just been born.

To this day, I believe that the loss of Casey and Ollie was all in God’s work, that they had been presented with a very special job, suited only for a miraculous tripod duo such as them. We may not always understand the reasoning in why some things have to happen, we may long question why, especially when they are as tragic and unexpected as ours, but sometimes that reasoning is far beyond what we believe possible. Sometimes, that reasoning is far bigger than we could even imagine or comprehend. We may not know the God-given reason for this happening, but one thing we do know, is that Ollie and Casey will live on forever; in the vast stories of their short time here, in the memories of each of their exciting milestones and adventures, in the extraordinary inspiration they evoked all over the world, in the multitude of pictures and video that captured their beautiful livelihood, and in the hearts of every life they have touched along the way.

So, here’s to you, Casey and Ollie.


IG: @ollievuesomuch

FB: ollievuesomuch

Casey had only just turned a year old prior to her unexpected passing. Her life, although short, is one of great beauty of purpose. This purpose given to her, was to have her story known, and to help spread the awareness of not only three-legged tripawds like herself, but all forms of disabled/special needs pets alike.

Following Casey’s passing, we were unknowingly blessed with the life of her biological brother, Chance, who was also born a three-legged tripawd like his big sister.

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