The Life And Times Of Moose Jr. [Interview]

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Social media, TV, magazines, blogs are abuzz with chat excerpts and interviews of celebrities, sports stars, politicians, business tycoons, social and media personalities.

We at DogSpot have our own celebrities - our four legged friends! We understand that our sensitive and emotional furry friends not only bring us happiness and take away our stress, we believe that they have their views and opinions. We at DogSpot had the chance to catch up with our very own celebrity - Moose Jr. and interact with him about his family and friends and his viewpoints on various aspects of life.

Here is a quick excerpt from the chat.

DogSpot: Tell us about your family? When did you adopt them?

I call Mommy, Daddy and my lil sister Cookie family. Dad seems be up-to something, he leaves every morning and returns only late evening. Mommy has this room which has colourful paper and so many tempting things which I would like to chew off. She makes pretty things out of them and always keeps them far from my reach on the table. I am told Cookie is my sister, though I don’t recall seeing her in the pack I was born in. I have been hoping that she will one day grow up to my size and I will play tug with her. It’s been a year but she is still tiny. Oh I forgot, she is a guinea pig.

I vaguely remember that exactly a year back, I saw  mom and dad along with their friends walk into the basement where I was kept. They asked the owner to put me out of the cage I always hated. Oh it was so much then, I ran all over the place. Pooped and peed and hid behind the toys. After a while they put me back into the cage, looks like my folks couldn’t see me depressed and they asked them to take me out again. After that, all I remember is that I never went back into the cage.

Moose Family

Moose Jr. and his family

DogSpot: How do you spend your time? What are your favourite activities and games?

Moose Jr- Dad says he doesn’t need an alarm anymore. I wake up before he does and then I park myself at a spot where I can monitor his movement. The moment he opens his eyes to look at the watch, I attack!! My wet nose and tongue works better than any cream on his face. He takes me out for my walk and once I return, mom takes over the baton. She prepares my yummy home cooked meal and after that is quick playtime with my Kong toy. The remaining part of the day goes by sleeping and waking up in between every time the bell rings. In the evening mom takes me out for the evening walk and I look forward to it. This is when I meet up all my friends – Dora (female Labrador Retriever), Theida (female Golden Retriever), Potlu (male Irish Setter), Bruno (male Labrador Retriver), Euro (male Labrador Retriver), Bunny (Pomeranian) and my local rockstars (indies) Brownie, Miskha and Burgundy.

Moose and Friends

Moose Jr. and his friends

You see apart from playing fetch, I enjoy going for a run with dad. Though he thinks that I give up after one round, he is only marginally ahead of me and gets tired maybe in another round. Talk about fitness :D Apart from this, I enjoy toys, playing tug and any toy where I have to apply myself to extract the treats. I also enjoy basketball and watching NBA when the season is on!

DogSpot: Does your family participate with you?

Yes, they are very much involved. They spend a considerable part of the day around me. When I was a pup, they hardly made any plans to go out for the first 6 months and were spending a lot of time with me. I think that also made them look asocial :D Mom tries to teach me tricks and I get rewarded when I perform them well. In winters, they take me out in the garden for surprise walks and play. Irrespective of the weather or how tired they are, they ensure they take me out for my walk and play. They have also helped me become friends with the indies in my society, whom everyone hates for reasons I don’t understand. Even my other friends stay away from them but I love them. My friends sometime come with unknown people (maids, dog walkers), but my folks never let anyone else take care of their responsibilities. Weekends are fun as I see both my folks around me. I also made it to their anniversary cake.

DogSpot: You recently turned 1. How did you celebrate it? What all gifts did you get this year? Do you feel wiser than before?

Moose Jr- I didn’t know it was my birthday until I started receiving surprise gifts. It began with this red coloured Kong Wobbler and a goodie bag Mom and Dad ordered from Dogspot. I was skidding across the hall trying to squeeze the treats out of it. And then on the D-day I saw all my friends in our play area with something on their head and before I could realise, there was one on my head too. Then came the special moment, the highlight of the day, the bone shaped cake from Doggie Dabbas!! Slurp slurp!! But I don't eat it all by myself, I shared it with all of them. My folks have taught me that happiness is meant to be shared with others. And in the week following my birthday, I got my folks to donate 2 big packs of rice to Sai Ashram. If we don’t have the capability or bandwidth to help the underprivileged, atleast we can support the ones who are going beyond their call of duty. Hopefully I will get to meet the pooches there sometime soon. The fun did not get over just here, I had friends Tango and Disco come over to my place after the celebration. In gifts I got a whole lot of treats, accessories and toys. I also had return gifts prepared by mom for all my party pals. Thanks to all my friends for that. Slept late that night and was surprised the next morning when I was woken up at 5 to go for my favourite Dogs Day Out event. Couldn’t have asked for more.

moose gifts

DogSpot: Which is your favourite place in the house and why?

Moose Jr- 1. Mom’s craft room – it is very colourful and fascinating. And while she is working on her craft table, I just sleep curling around her feet.

2. Next to the A/C – enjoy the cold air coming out of it :D

3. And do I need to mention that kitchen is my all-time favourite? Of course, that’s where the yummy food gets prepared.

Moose Kitchen Ac and Room

DogSpot: Do you have a girlfriend? There are a lot of girls out there who would love to know that!!

Moose Jr- Am still single and ready to mingle! But I have a special corner for my first friend Dora (female lab) with whom I grew up playing in the initial few months.

Dotra and Moose

Moose Jr. with Dora

DogSpot: Which is your favourite cuisine? What type of food do you prefer vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

Moose Jr- I prefer FOOD :D not fussy at all. But I get chicken and boiled egg white mashed in my rice. Mommy says protein is good for my health and will keep me maintain my waistline :D I also love curd, slurp slurp!

DogSpot: You are extremely active on social media – Facebook and Instagram. How do you manage and balance play time between a hectic social media life? Do you think it’s cool to be socially active?

Moose Jr- I think it is super cool to be social! Be it on internet or on ground. And internet just allows me to meet people across the world with whom I can’t possibly meet. Isn’t life all about meeting more and more pooches? Each of them have their set of tales and experiences. Sometimes I can help or guide them based on my experience, sometimes I can learn from them. Life is shorter for us and we just live to have fun J and since we are extremely good at it, managing all of it with a socially active life is not a tough task at all. I recently started contributing to a blog to share some of my experiences which have helped me and I think can also help my other furry friends. Am more than happy if people add me as their friend.

DogSpot: Do you have close buddies who you go on play dates with? How many friends and admirers do you have?

Moose Jr- Yes, my two buddies Tango and Disco Sharma. We try to meet as much as we can and it is fun everytime I meet them. As for friends I have loads! Admirers?  7383628739273… and still counting!

DogSpot: Recently at Dogs Day Out Obedience Session, you displayed a lot of commands. Our readers would love to know what all commands you know. Have you undergone professional obedience and behaviour training?

Moose Jr- My mom is my trainer and does what a mom is supposed to – teaches me good habits at home. She believes that if you want to be engaged and involved with your furries, this is the best way to begin building that bond. I learnt that I will be given food after my walk / play in the morning / evening every day and I don’t have to jump on my bowl even before it is served. This started when I was just 50 days old. Today I realise the benefit of this training. There are a host of basic commands that I can follow – sit, down, stand, stay, jump, moving back, going in a circle, speak, hands up, roll over, eat, stop, fetch, shake hand, hi5, bye and the one I hate the most “NO” but when it comes to playing with daddy, there are no rules applicable, he is as crazy as I am and brings out the devil inside me. And of course I bring out the dog inside him while playing tug … no he does not bark or woof :D

Obedience is not just about performing tricks, but with crate training I have been able to contain my rowdy behaviour and my parents are proud that so far the only thing I have damaged in the house is a pair of slippers, that too when I was a pup.

DogSpot: You look so innocent, are you the same in acts or is it just the book cover with a different text.

Moose Jr- Oh! Do I look innocent? I am quite sorted, sober with a clear agenda to have fun. I am friendly and unable to understand why some of the furries I meet growl at me. But I don’t bother much, their loss as they are missing out on a lot of fun they can have if they warm up to others.

DogSpot: There are a lot of canine buddies on social media, but they are not as active as you are! Any tips you would like to share with them?

Moose Jr- Don’t feel stressed if you are not on social media, you are not missing anything as long as you are having a pawsome time socialising. Tips – ask my other crazy half – dad.

DogSpot: Do you help your folks in household work? What household work do you do?

Moose Jr- Yes! I help them dirty the floor. And every time the bell rings, I go and check who’s on the door to scare the shit out of them (smiles)

DogSpot: These days’ social media is abuzz with families abandoning pets for reasons unknown. What are your viewpoints on it?

Moose Jr- Quite sad and I have seen it happen with my friend Breezer. But as long as you treat us as pets, this will continue. Only when you make us a part of your family, will this stop. Would you abandon your kids if they damaged things in your house or don't listen to you. Or even worse, do you leave the older family members in the middle of nowhere during their final years? Don’t bring us into your family as a substitute of a soft toy or for your kids to play with. Appreciate our unconditional love and loyalty; we can take away the stress from your life if you make us a part of your family.

About Moose Jr.

Moose Jr. is a 1 year old Labrador Retriever who lives with his parents Karuna and Siddhant Singh Chauhan and little sister Cookie in Gurgaon. One of the most socially active pooches, Moose Jr. has been instrumental in spreading awareness around various social issues. With his friends and followers, Moose Jr. hopes to educate all pet lovers and owners on how to make the world a better place, especially for other four leged family members.

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