THE PEDDLER; Dogs on Tricycle

30 May 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

Golden retrievers on tricycles? Did we hear that right!? Something to dig through, isn’t it!


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God made man. He made woman. Then on the seventh day he made Golden retrievers to destroy our defences and fill our hearts and souls with flowers and rainbows and hearts and confetti. And how can we poor people resist the charms of these golden haired lolloping balls of absolute charm and cuteness and smartness too!

Golden retrievers are among the smartest and friendliest of all dogs. While Alsatians have a Mr-Darcy-ish attitude towards life, Golden retrievers simply don’t care! They can be childlike in their innocence and so, so, so very, very, very cute that one can get a nosebleed just by looking at their soft brown liquid eyes and messy shining fur as they lollop towards you with bounding steps and droopy soft ears. Ah. God’s most adorable creature. But it also has some tricks up its imaginary sleeves.

Here is a darling, funny little goldie who enjoys exercise and fresh air. But not the DOGGY way, of course! Duh! He likes it sophisticated. He takes his exercise on a little tricycle, firmly parked on the seat, with his front paws on the handles and hind paws most adorably pedalling! But so mindful and sophisticated is this funny little pooch that he does not let his gorgeous tail drag on the ground! Well, he is definitely more sophisticated than I am.

He pedals around most adorable, with his tongue lolling out and mouth spread open in a radiant smile. Perched primly on his rump, he peddles away quaintly. But ah, Goldie is very well aware that he is on camera! He looks confidently and easily at the lens, almost smirks, then turns his attention to the road as he peddles his little red tricycle. He could almost have been giving a lesson on road-safety. Can you not hear his thoughts? “Ah, them kids! They ride so unsafely! I the Retriever shall teach ‘em how to do it well!” And a more adorable teacher there never was before!

There are many dogs and cats and birds around the world who do human better than most humans. There is the dog who cashes cookies, the cat who rides on vacuum cleaners….and now there is a golden retriever who peddles on a red tricycle most impeccably and with perfect ease and poise and grace! This little ball of cuteness is all one needs to see to have a great day ahead!


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