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The Unsung Tale of Roselle | The Real Hero of 9/11 Attacks

17 Apr 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

The 9/11 attacks on the World trade centre might have become part of a dark book of history, but the incident apart from churning out sad memories gives us a taste of pride. The pride can never really stem for another human being, who masterminded the most horrific terror attack in recent times. It is but for a loyal dog named Roselle who instilled faith that perhaps god has a guardian angel sent on earth for everybody.

It was the morning of the dreaded 9/11, on the 11th of September, 2001. Michael Hingson, a punctual Computer Salesman decided to drop at his office early for a meeting with his clients. His office was at the 78th floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Everything seems to be normal about Michael unto this point. However, Michael was blind in both eyes. But he had his eyes in another being. It was his pet Labrador retriever named Roselle. It was her daily routine to lead Michael through the busy streets of New York City to his office and back home. This was another routine day, destined to turn different.

Roselle cuddled up to Michael, as he got busy. Just then disaster struck and hell broke loose with a loud thunderous boom. The time was 8:46 AM. Every brick of the building seemed jolted, as were its occupants. Michael turned to his trusted friend to bail him out and grabbed the leash. The lift was on an emergency shutdown due to a complete blackout after the impact to the building. Without wasting time Roselle steadily lead Michael to the stairway of the building. Both were quick to descend the first 1463 steps leading to the lobby. Ten floors down it became crowded and hot as the building was shrouded in Jet fuel smoke and particulate from the building made it hard to breath. Brave firefighters rushed up the building and almost everyone offered to lead Michael out of the building, but he declined. Perhaps it was his gut feeling and blind trust in Roselle that saw him to the lobby in the next 45 minutes. In the next 15 minutes they had also made it outside the building. Scenes of chaos outside turned nightmarish as the police turned the attention of the crowd towards the rapidly collapsing South Tower. Amidst the helter-skelter, Michael continued to entrust his life onto Roselle. Roselle was not one who could disappoint. She led him through the hysteric crowd, running to save their lives and falling debris. Finally they were home, courtesy the loyalty and bravery of Roselle.


The 9/11 shook the faith in humanity but established the ever-faithful nature of dogs. The heroic deeds of Rochelle remain on the lips of 9/11 survivors even five years after her death and will be the same for many more years to come.

Source- Foxnews


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