These portraits will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling..

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With their eyes soft with the love and care and face grey with the years of wisdom reflecting upon it, Senior dogs are heartwarming and beautiful. Even though they may not be as active or exuberant as younger puppies, just the thought of sharing a lifetime with them brings a smile on our faces.

We share with you some heart warming portraits of senior dogs and we are sure that at the end of the post you will have a warm fuzzy feeling for sure!

My face may be white and grey but my heart is full of joy and love


old dog 2 elmille duff

Source: Emile Duff

Raising a dog is like a rainbow - the puppies are a joy and the old dogs, a treasure

500 px

Source: Bt Images

Blessed is a person who has earned the love of an old dog

1pete thorne

Source: Pete Thorne

It takes a love, care and tummy rubs for a soul to be blessed by a dog

bt images

Source: 500px

The best moments of life are with a pawsome tail wagging friend

bellagio blogspot

Source: Bellagio Blogspot

Old is gold



Old age is just a realisation that you may not be able to own more dogs


Source: BT Images

Whenever I needed a hand to hold, your paw was with me, it made me strong and I kept going on.

Old dog 1

Source: BT Images

Until one has loved an animal, a part of the soul remains unawaken

pete thorne

Source: Pete Thorne

Nothing is more rewarding than making the life of a dog happy, comfortable and content with love, care and affection



If you are a proud parent to a senior dog, do share their pictures with us and spread the warmth and love!



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