This Happens in Dogs World Too !!!!

04 Mar 2011 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Hello Friends,†

Male dominance over female happens not only in Human Being but also in Dog World. I may not be wrong in saying this.

I have never ever come across anytime where in the breeder or anyone who is selling Puppies quote a higher price for a Dam / Female Dog. Itís always a Male / Sire thatís going to cost you more. Infact I wonder Female / Dam is the one that is going to give revenue to the breeder, and yes I agree thatís impossible without having mated by sire, howeverIím still not able to figure out as to why the Female dogs is priced lower than the male dog.

For instance, if a Male & Female pup both from Champion Pedigree, now Iím sure both the pups would have inherited the same quality. The feed, Care, Grooming everything is going to happen the same for both the genders. Both the genders are going to be trained and both can be wonderful watch dogs, so how come Male is to priced High than the Female ones.

When the female comes to Heat, Breeder / Owner would want them to litter and would go around looking for a KCI Registered Male or Champion Male based on the owner of the male is going to quote. Once itís done and when female litters, again it surely yielding revenue to the Owner / Breeder more than what a male dog could or would yield.

So, my question again is why is the price for Female Dog / Pup is always lesser compared to Male!!! This is not only in India but I see this across the world.

Afcoursethis is vice versa for people who are herding Cattles, Pigs, Goat , etc and that because if they are blessed with a female Calf they are happy and thatís because its going to yield revenue by giving milk and same with Goat, Pigs etc but it does not apply to Female Dogs and thatís sad.

Like we say if a girl child is born many feel sad (afcourse I agree now things are changing and awareness is more) but still this is prevalent in many areas though and they are happy if a male child is born . I think this doesnít apply for people in Cattle herding, in fact they will feel terribly sad if a cow has given birth to male calf L .. So finally i assume it happens in dogsí world too!!!!





Hi, krishna
The difference in prices of DAM and SIRE is due to their behaviour. Really it is observed that mostly females are calm. I use to go for walk with my muddu(indian spitz). And i observed that mostly male dogs are much more aggressive and active as compared to female dogs. In past i had a female dog and she very gentle and calm. This is my openion


By: Suraj | 06 Mar 2011

Everywhere in the World, the Bitch is more expensive than the Dog (& sometimes not for sale in a promising litter) because if you have a good producing bitch & a Pedigree you can get to use any bloodline in exchange of a cheap Stud fee (which is a third of a price of a pup).

Whereas you will often see the male Dog owner (who has paid handsomely) giving out Advertisement stating "Bride Needed" (refer to links on the top of the page) for their Handsome Dog (maybe not worthy or not fit for breeding dog!!) - HA!

By: Ash | 07 Mar 2011

Its jus that, there is more demand for a male amongst the people, hence males are priced higher as they are the stronger source of revenue reecovery. Plus most of them want to avoid females as they dont wish to take care of them ssply during heat.
There are several breeders in Bangalore who quote a same price for male and female. One amongst them is our KCI judge Mr. Javinder Singh Pawar. Even before he became a judge also he used to charge the same price for the entitre litter.

By: Kishen | 12 Mar 2011

Hi Krishna,
I couldn't agree more and I'm so saddened by it. My dam produced a litter of 6 pups. Since I was certain that I wanted only good homes for them I put all up for adoption, giving them to friends and people with references only. My condition was that they would never falter in providing love and care to the dogs. Even when free, everyone only wanted the males only, I had no takers for my girls. I've had dogs all my life and can say with out a moments hesitation, females are gentler, sweeter, safer with kids, easier to train but most unwanted...

By: Suha | 21 Dec 2011

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