This Man Travelled Earth's Distance For Dogs, 42 times! [Video]

26 May 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Are you one for road trips with dogs? Then I’m almost certain that you would like to interact with Greg Samaritan. Sorry, I meant Greg Mahle. The former name is also appropriate for his case due to the acts of kindness he imparts upon 80 or so dogs twice a month. Greg Mahle, for the past decade has been taking around 80 dogs from the Southern US region who are subject to be euthanized shortly and delivers them to loving forever homes up north of the States. The whole journey takes about 4200 miles and five days each time. It has been calculated that Mahle has covered 1 million miles, or 42 times around the world so far.

So much for dogs he has never met and is most likely never to meet again as soon as they’re adopted? Mahle has a company by the name Rescue Road Trips  with which operates over the internet and is able to coordinate with many shelters down south and potential families up north. The disparity in dog population is because the Southern US regions do not yet have an imminent culture of spaying and neutering. Whereas, people in the Northern regions have started to get attracted towards adoptions and rescues more than the pedigreed purchase habits of dog owners.

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