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For all those who look after strays and have faced problems as a consequence.

27 May 2009 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

*Copied from the Friendicoes news letter with permission*

Dear Friends,

This mail is addressed to all of you who reside in Delhi and the NCR and look after strays in your area and have faced problems as a consequence.

Many of us have adopted a lot of “street dogs” outside our residences and offices and they are now actually “community pets” whose right to “exist” has been challenged by our neighbors and other members of the public on different occasions. These challenges unfortunately sometimes take the form of threats, assaults and even physical violence on our “self” and all for feeding a few strays who as it is live a miserable life, hungry and in constant fear and die an equally miserable death.

In recent times the cases of assault on people feeding strays have increased many folds and have now reached a point where it becomes imperative for us animal lovers to stand together united and take action to safeguard both us and the speechless animals who need us to speak out for them and their right to live.

Therefore through this mail we request all those who are reading this mail to send us your personal experience in this matter, if and whatever they are. You can address your mails to info@friendicoes.org and write in the problems that you are facing, the type of problem, whether any threats have been made and by whom, any assault of any kind and by whom and if you have been hit back at in any other way. Also add in your experience with the police and the local RWA, whether they were co operative and helpful in any way or vice versa. Send in your details so that Friendicoes can file a PIL with the Supreme Court on behalf of all animal lovers who are facing problems for taking care of the poor strays.

Please forward this mail to your friends, colleagues and relatives who may have their own bit to add to this. The larger our group the better our chances of winning some safety and security for ourselves as well as the strays who depend on us to fight for them. .

Warm regards .

Tandrali Kuli

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