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22 Apr 2009 | by | Posted in: Story from Pet Lover

Hi everybody, my vijikka is writing this blog....She's great in understanding me....just as I understand her empathy and love for me....Can't believe that its full 6 days(16-4-09 evening) since I got adopted by vijikka...When I went home with her,I was dirty,smelly,scratchy....with-yuk...soooo many fleas.....The minute I got into her car,I knew my harrowing experience which almost cost my life(Ref The Hindu Dt 16-4-09)was over....I was so thirsty-she understood it-poured water in her cupped palm and made me drink it.....That second was the turning point in my life...

The bugs in my ear were harassing me so much.....when KrisAnna tried to look at my ear....(I confess to being ashamed of myself)-I bit his hands..But-can you believe it? Both of them pardoned me and even apologised to me saying I am still not ok...and its forgotten,after telling me that I should not bite like that.....They never raise their voices...Take me to the Vet-Dr.Gnanaprakasam-inspite of being a big surgeon herself( I know-she smells of hospital!) My Vijikka was very nervous When the kind doctor gave me vaccination injection....She insisted on getting me trated for the loose motions too since I had no proper food the whole of week before....She is great-how she guessed my name she dusts my body to rid of all the itchy bugs-Now I even ask her to look into my ear(Same ear for which I bit Kris Anna 4 days ago!!!

I am slowly training my Vijikka how to feed she keeps the Fridge door open and asks me to check what I want..

She takes me out for walks and daily toilet-and I mostly never pull strong when she handles me...Thats the least I can do to keep her...Still sometimes I miss my old family-I dont know why I was put in that wagon and abandoned.....when I feel sad-there she comes-keeps patting me and somehow understands my feelings..Today afternoon,I was a bit upset thinking about my family-and she started crying-she must have been a dog-otherwise,how can she have that instinctive understanding?

Krishna,Soumya Vijay and Suresh are my other friends.They buy food for me when they come visiting....She restricts others saying as I am new I need time to adjust...So very kind of her....She keeps calling the two great ladies Chanda Ma'm and Shirani Ma'm to report my progress....

Today she bought a new brush and brushed me the whole evening....Now she's come and sitting-so bye folks-am gonna fetch the brush so I can coax her to brush me sure feels good when she gives a vigorous rub too.....see you folks......


Ah lovely, what a wonderful play and weaving of words...

By: abhay | 23 Apr 2009


Nicely written , I am just amazed every time I hear about a dog being abandoned . Under ANY circumstances would you leave your kid?? NO !! but its ok to leave your meek child who has depended upon you for everything . A lot is reflected about a person as to how he treats his pet and animals in general . You go Tiger !!

By: DoggieDawg | 24 Apr 2009

beautifully written

By: Vizal | 30 Jul 2009

hi......61/2 months with Vijikka...I have grown taller...more mischievous...Akka makes veg.bones-which I love...Since I refuse to eat even eggs now(pampered brat) Akka,who is a strict vegetarian,cooks chicken for me!!My taste keeps changing-prefer Horlicks to milk now!!!I can wind Akka around my little finger!!In fact,she loves me sooooooooooo much that she wants to shift out of her flat(own) to an individual house for rent-so I will have more space and freedom to roam around!!I feel God had been kind to me...She still tells me not to forget my old master....
She keeps taking pictures of me...Now I pose like a Professional!I can stay still/look into the lens/give the side profile...or keep playing till she stops clicking!!!

By: Dr.S.R.Vijayalakshmi | 08 Nov 2009

wow thats a gr8 idea 2 give coconut as football. he he. mu pomeranian also destroys balls quickly.she likes to play throw and fetch.if we throw she will take it back and give 2 us.And his goal post selection is wonderful too. keep well

By: Subha | 19 Nov 2009

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