Tips on potty training

13 Feb 2010 | by | Posted in: Training

Toilet training is the first thing one needs to teach his pup. This should start immediately after bringing the puppy home. If done consistantly then a pup should be house broken within 3-4 weeks.

1) Never ever punish ur pup for doing the dirty job at wrong place while u r training him. The puppy will think that peeing or pottying is bad thing & will either do it at a place where u wont be able to see or eat his poops to hide them. So no scolding at all.

2) But some delicious dog treats & keep them handy.

3) Pups need to relieve themselves after eating, sleeping & playing. So each time yr pup eats, wakes up or play, be sure to pick him up & put at the place where u want him to do the job. Always use the same place as dogs like to pee at a same place. If he does it there then immediately give him a treat.

4) Timimg of the treat is very important. It must be given immediately & not after coming back into house. Otherwise he will associate the treat with coming back, not with peeing at proper place.

5) Keep a close watch. If u find ur pup sniffing a spot extensively or sircling a spot, then probably he wants to go to toilet. Pick him up & put at proper toilet place. Again a treat for doing there.

6) If u do manage to catch him doing it at wrong place, rush to him saying a loud "NOOOOOOOOO", pick him up & rusj him to the proper place. If he finishes peeing there then its treat time.

7) If u find poop/urine at a wrong place, do not react. Clean up that place with a disinfectant having strong odour to mask his urine smell. Make sure ur pup is not watching u when u r doing the clean job.

8) U can also associate a phase like "go potty" while he uses the proper place.

9) If ur pup has already chosen a toilet place inside ur house then make that area unavailable to him. Clean that area thoroughly to remove all urine odour. Under no circumstances allow him to use at spot again.

10) Toilet training needs time & consistency. So be patient.

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