Top 10 Dog Celebrities Of All Time

04 Jun 2016 | by Abhinav unot | Posted in: Wag News

10. Menswear Dog

menswear dog

You are famous if you have a quarter of a million followers on Instagram and the feat is even more splendid if the followers are of a dog! But not just any other dog, this Shiba Inu, is a resident of NYC and happens to make 15,000 $ a month. Yes, you read that right. Makes you want to be a dog, doesn’t it?

9. Corgnelius and Stumphrey

These Bro’s wiggle and jiggle around in West LA, clicking pictures to amuse their 80k fan following. Their job profile is to get clicked doing the stupidest things ever. They also have their own website. I know, the phase you are looking for is: OMG!

8. Marnie the Dog


Marnie is a 14 year old female rescue shih tzu adopted by one Shirley Braha. Marnie is one old cookie who is famous as ****!  So, is she also an Instagram star, you ask? With 1.9 million in fan following, you bet she is! May her spirit never get old.

7. Zanjeer


This dog is beyond words. Zanjeer, was a Labrador Retriever who served with the Mumbai Police. It was his abilities that explosives and weapons were found and countless lives were saved during the 1993 Mumbai bombings. For his heroics, he was given a state funeral at his demise in 2000. Respect.

6. Koko


This dog is immortalized as the one who played the lead role in the movie- Red Dog. He was born in Australia and was trained as a show dog and won accolades in show dog categories from the age of one. He retired from the show biz at the age of seven, shortly before his death. But he lives on in our thoughts.

5. Fifty The Two Legged Pitbull


Fifty, is an inspiration and an ambassador for dogs and even humans world over. He may only have two legs to walk on but that does not stop him from being what he is, a dog that knows how to love. He and his buddy Rude Dog, form a foundation named 6 legs for humans who struggle financially to get their pets spayed, neutered or provide them essential vet care.

4. Mishka


Who wouldn’t want to see a dog who says ,’ I love you’? I can’t think of anyone, really not a soul. He became a sensation after his videos went viral  on YouTube where he squeals and it sounds pretty close to ‘the three magical words’.   


3. Boo


This is the mother of all internet sensation stories. Boo, is known as the cutest dog in the world, a title given to him by none other than Kim Kardashian. There are books published featuring just his images and he has, wait for it, 17,511,303 followers on facebook.

2. Tuna


This is a slumdog millionaire like story of the dog world. Tuna, was abandoned by her original human and was adopted by one Courtney Dasher who went on to share her beloved pooch's pictures online. Fast forward to this day and, Tuna has her own website, Wikipedia page and even her very own line of merchandise. Boom!

1. Max


This was a dog true to his name. He may not be the most famous dog out there but he is a celebrity in the dog kingdom like no other. Max, was a bomb detecting dog trained by the Subhash Gawde for Mumbai Police. Max found 8 kgs of RDX, four detonators, 25 grenades and other shrapnel. He was awarded with a gold medal for his service with a gold medal placed on him by none other than Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. He passed onto a better world in 2015.

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