Top 10 foods that is good for your dogs

17 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Nutrition

You are what you eat. This applies to your dogs too. If you love your canine companions, you’ll enjoy feeding them. Did you know that you can come up with a diet that is both good for you and your dogs? Enjoy eating with your furry pals. Bon appétit!


1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a healthy breakfast for you and your dogs. Oats are essentially soluble fibre, and therefore, help dogs, especially older ones with bowel movements. If your four-legged buddy is allergic to wheat, oatmeal is a great alternative.

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2. Apples

“An apple a day keeps the vet away”. Yes, crunchy and juicy apples are very good for dogs. With Vitamins A, C and fibre, apples make a good evening snack for your canine.

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3. Carrots

 A dog holding a carrot in its mouth makes an amazing photograph. Carrots can satisfy your dog’s taste buds. And guess what? Chewing carrots are good for your dog’s teeth.


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4. Yogurt 

Known to contain probiotics, Yogurt helps in keeping the bad bacteria away from your dogs. If you are looking for nutrients, protein, calcium and potassium for your dogs, yogurt is your answer.


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5. Chicken 

If your canine companions lack proteins, it’s time to add chicken in their diet. Ran out of dog food? Fully cooked and unseasoned chicken is an easy substitution.

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6. Salmon 

Do you ove dogs with healthy and shinny coat? With high omega 3 fatty acids, Salmon is good for your dog’s hair. Enjoy playing and cuddling with your doggy.


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7. Eggs

Eggs are not just easy to cook but very healthy for your pooch. If you are running out of ideas for a healthy dog snack, scramble an egg and treat your dogs. With high proteins, eggs can give your furry pals the necessary energy boost.


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8. Green Beans

Give your dogs a dose of iron and vitamins by feeding green beans. With high nutrition and low calories, green beans make a great weight-management meal for your dogs. If you are trying to help your obese dog lose some extra pounds, Green Beans are the best way to go.

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9. Spinach

Did you enjoy watching Popeye eating Spinach as kids? Well, spinach is not only beneficial for us but highly healthy for man’s best friend too. It can help your dog battle inflammatory, cardiovascular and cancer issues.

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10. Pumpkin 

If your cute pooch having a bad stomach? Serving them tasty pumpkins can cure their digestive issues. With high fibre and Vitamin A, Pumpkins can be fed to dogs regularly.

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We all wish for a long life for our dogs. Remember, healthy food makes a healthy dog!

Feel free to share your dog’s health secrets with us...

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