Top 7 pocket dogs to carry like a wallet

13 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Breeds

Not all dogs need to be big beasts with the potential to run you down right? Not all of them scare away all your visitors, now do they? Not all of them need to have those vicious canines that rip apart everything they come in contact with, now do they? These guys come in an array of sizes and we're bringing you our army of the top seven.


1. Cairn Terrier

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Hey! It's Toto from The Wizard of Oz! Anyone who's watched that movie can relate for sure. These small little pooches come in the cutest package but don't let that fool you. They're quite aggressive and are characterized by a rough coat, generally quite short, not exceeding 13 inches.


2. Yorkshire Terrier

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This fuzzy little delights grows up to 9 inches only and is characterized by its brown and black hide. Those cute eyes peeking from under all that fur makes you want to dress these guys up with ribbons and flowers for sure!


3. Chinese Crested

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This breed looks like what you would get if you shaved the fur off a pom, leaving behind portions on the tail, leg and head. Sure does look like it's wearing a wig with silky white dense fur! The maximum height these guys can reach is 13 inches.


4. Affenpinscher

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Dogs of this breed look like tiny little fur balls on four limbs. Affenpinschers are stubborn by nature but are playful and enthusiastic at the same time, always looking for some activity. The maximum they can weigh is 13 lbs.


5. Havana Silk Dog

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An active little breed contained in a pocket size package. The distinct gray, black or white fur makes them easy to differentiate from the other breeds. Stunted by nature, they can reach only up to 12 inches in height.


6. Maltese

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Cute as a button, every single one of these dogs. The make wonderful companions, gentle and affectionate by nature. They definitely look very much like stuffed animals, a closer look at those adorable eyes might just be the tell tale signs!


7. Shih Tzu

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The Lion Dog,  it's popularly called because of its well, resemblance to lions. The luxurious mane, a tail that curls and the confidence to stand up to any competitor sure does make these guys shrunken versions of lions. Standing 11 inches tall and what not, who wouldn't back down?

Ever wanted to smuggle a dog past someone, or bring home an illegal one? You know which breeds to get now! For friendly little  pooches that fall asleep on your lap, without leaving it numb, these are just the breeds for you.

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