A unique resort in Ooty to vacation with your dogs

27 Aug 2009 | by | Posted in: Travel

My name is Anand Murthy. I am based out of Bangalore.

My passion however is dogs - I am am working on my dream project - to set up a resort where one can vacation with their dogs - or even if do not have dogs & want to enjoy playing with them - one is most welcome. This will be the first of it's kind in the country.

I got this idea - by seeing my dogs struggle - we live in an apartment in Bangalore - they have no place to run - run free. I want to see dog lovers see their dogs run free & hence this idea was born.

The resort is being planned in Ooty keeping the beautiful natural landscape & the weather - which will be great for dogs. I also have a unique construction company [] based out of Bangalore to help me build this resort

This is going to be unique & I hope to build this community of dog lovers via my resort.

I currently have my blog - simple - but shares my plans & thoughts

This mail is to just keep you posted of my plans as you are passionate about dogs.

Thank you for taking time out to read my mail. My blog will carry all updates.

Warm regards

anand murthy

+91 98456 99287




anand murthy
Thanks for your mail Jahnavi. You can always come down to Ooty for a holiday once the resort is open. It;s a lovely place. Happy Diwali.

warm regards


By: anand murthy | 14 Oct 2009

anand murthy
hello sundeep..thanks for your comment - you are right all cities have this huge problem ..hence my idea..please do follow my blog [www.vacationwithdogs.blogspot .com] for status updates - whenever you get the time. I will surely keep you posted as we near opening. Have a wonderful diwali.

Warm regards


By: anand murthy | 15 Oct 2009

when r u opening this resort, i would love to visit along with my pet

By: allan | 22 Oct 2009

thank u mr.murthy and happy diwali to u too.

By: jahnavi_uppuleti | 23 Oct 2009

Thank you for this unique initiative. For the last one month, I have been frantically searching good resorts / hotels where we can vacation with our pet. Unfortunately, I have so far not found anything that would treat my fur-baby as a guest, not a piece of furniture :( We would love to visit your resort when you open. Please keep me posted.

By: Sonali | 25 Oct 2009

anand murthy
Hello Sonali..thanks so much for your mail. Pets at the SPAw will be guests like you rightly said :-) - the resort is 15 months away from opening - will definitely keep you posted via my blog [www.vacationwithdogs.blogspot .com]. See you at The SPAw ...anand

By: anand murthy | 25 Oct 2009

Hi Anand,

I run a brand communication agency and have been given the rights to conduct the 12th Indian Sieger Show. The Indian Sieger Show held annually is the premiere German Shepherd dog show in the country where the best dogs are exhibited. However so far the dog shows have been held in a style, we believe, are not yet enticing enough for the large dog loving audience and the tremendous following these shows can potentially generate. Dog shows at present are conducted in a way where an open ground is provided for the exhibitors to showcase their dogs, with the focus starting and ending there. Elements like branding of the event, promotions and engagement of the audience are usually never looked into in detail. The shows seldom had anything else to offer but the dog exhibition itself.
What we are proposing here is to re-invent the Annual Indian Sieger Show by providing the audience and the participants with a dog show in a refreshing new format that’s unlike any they’ve experienced before. A dog show positioned as a wholesome day out for dog lovers, youngsters and families with an exciting entertainment quotient. Thereby, also standardising and improving the general conduct of the shows, promoting greater awareness about the breed; educate people about breed standards and increase interaction and involvement from lovers of the breed.
I would like to meet you. My number is 9900796982, email is and we are based in Bangalore.
Look forward to your reply.
Sandeep Jayaram

By: sandeep | 17 Dec 2009

hi sandeep/anand. i like the initiative. i also want do sumthing of these kind. Only issue is that im living in gurgaon. please let me know if i can be of some help here.

By: Arpit | 17 Dec 2009

anand murthy
Hi Arpit thanks for writing in - i guess sandeep can fill you in on the details - we anyways plan to meet next week. Will keep you posted.

thanks arpit


By: anand murthy | 17 Dec 2009

Hey Anand,

Presently we are trying to speak to sponsors to get this organised, some of the ideas are to actually create a platform wherein the GSDCI event, becomes a start(to replicate it to other dog shows as well) wherein a single platform is created for kennel clubs to display their dogs, dog enthusiasts, prospective pet owners and pet businesses to actually advertise here.Also other commercial businesses like Real estate builders etc because of the reach and target audience such a show will attract. Reason being right now there are blogs and some sites but all very disconnected, we intend to change this.

I would look to your enthusiastic support towards assisting me and my team in generating sponsorship for this event.


By: sandeep | 17 Dec 2009

Thanx Anand . looking forward for an opportunity

By: Arpit | 18 Dec 2009

When ever your resort opens i will be the first one to stay with my pug ,i stay near ooty in coonoor.


By: RICHA SHARMA | 06 Feb 2010

anand murthy
Thanks so much Richa. I look forward to seeing you & your pug. Follow the blog www.vacationwithdogs.blogspot. com for updates.

See you soon.


By: anand murthy | 06 Feb 2010

Bharat Pandya
Dear Anand,
a great idea indeed.....
I too have been playing with the idea that 'once i retire' (from my govt job), i would start something of the sort you r planning, but at a lower scale and based mostly on the convenience (and the delight) of the dog and the dog owner when the owners want to travel/vacation but feel constrained on account of their beloved dog....

I am playing with idea like supposing you are travelling to ooty for vacationing from Ahmedabad. you can travel by road, just to take your dog along....but where, on the way from Ahmedabad, shall i make night halts ...or eat where my dog also would be allowed?

obviously, it is not possible, to begin with, to establish a chain of pet-friendly hotels across the country...but it does make immense business sense to tie-up/enter into arrangements with like minded facilities around India so that a turn-key type, one-stop solution and travel plans, and bookings, and taxies (once a taxi driver declined to allow my golden retriever in his taxi !!!) and dog-loving drivers can be provided to happy families with dogs who plan/need to travel with their dogs...

pl do think on these lines....

best luck for your enticing resort...plan to b there...

By: Bharat Pandya | 09 Jan 2011

Dear Anand,
Good luck to your venture.


Abhijit Hardikar
hi we r planning to come to ooty for dog show 10th may to 14 th pl gude us for resort and rates of the hotels near by to dog show ground.we have 2 big pl help me.


By: Abhijit Hardikar | 22 Mar 2012

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