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11 Sep 2009 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Hello guys , just wanted to share my experience - While walking my dog today I came across an old dog walker who was beating the hell out of a poor little scared & shivering cocker spaniel puppy . So I went up to him  asked him to not to do so or else I would complaint to his owners . For which he replied that  as he's been given strict instructions to not to let the dog go on to the wet grass area he has to hit the dog in order to make him behave !! Well , I asked for the home address and he ,obivously gave me a wrong one - I checked so I know .

I am sure most have come across incidents like these  - So my appeal to everyone here is not to get a dog if you can't look after or supervise her looking after properly - its unfair to the animal & to the people who are not capable of loving an animal let alone take care of him . After all , all dogs won't be sensible , calm from birth and not all domestic helps would be animal lovers - right ?? Just beacuse one can afford to  
"BUY" an expensive breed  , doesn't make them "animal lovers" . Animals are like children who will always need your love , care and patience.


By the way this incident happened in Gurgaon so anybody who knows a family owning a fawn color cocker spanial puppy of about 6 months , living in block J or around block J of Palam Vihar pls let th owners know what the heaetless servant is up to .And maybe give a peice of your minds ot the owners as well ! 


Kailash Relan
I would rather reccoment tht u call friendcoes as they are 1000 times better than the corrupt pfa

By: Kailash Relan | 12 Sep 2009

Fully agree with you Puneet
The condition you have puts you in an exception, tho trying to train mojo for off leash control might be worth a try but that is subject to traffic in the neighbourhood.

For example here in ardee city there is alot of traffic passing in/out towards wazirbad.. so we get tractors and school boys on bikes/ scooters, so I would not be too confident about letting a dog off leash around the road (even tho traffic is not too constant)

By: Ravinder | 14 Sep 2009

Mr. Ravinder, My name is not shipla its shilpa.

By: shilpa | 14 Sep 2009

Mr. Kailash, i knw frendicos is far much better than pfa but for legal matters we will have to consult pfa. and after giving a strong reason pfa is ready for legal matters, its my personal experience.

By: shilpa | 14 Sep 2009

i think these people who buy dogs just for show off have to treated in the same manner as they treat their dogs.

By: jahnavi_uppuleti | 21 Oct 2009

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