Venkat: Joy of adoption lies in saving a life and then giving it a new life

31 May 2013 | by | Posted in: Story from Pet Lover

“Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails.” – Max Eastman

A good dog deserves a great home. They are your companions, your friends and your guardians. Shower them with love, care and affection because they totally worth it. Be it a stray or a purebred, the loyalty and the devotion that they have towards you is the same. It depends on you, how you perceive the emotions.

We have created this divide and discrimination towards the stray dogs and it is we who have to join hands and remove this social evil. Now is the time to change, time to awaken.

But before that it is story telling time. Read this inspiring and touching story to find out how Venkat fell in love, in fact it was love at first sight. Meet Apple, Venkat’s beloved Beagle who he adopted from a shelter and is now the apple of his eye.

pet lover storiesTell us the story of how you adopted your pet and from where. “I have always been a dog lover. I had gone to buy a pet and that’s when I realised how badly dogs were treated and kept and also how costly they were.  That’s when I finally decided to adopt. Although I would have loved to adopt a stray but I thought that their training would involve a lot of effort and time. So I asked some of my friends who work with a NGO for a Beagle and a Basset Hound.

One day when I was in Mumbai, a friend of mine posted on Facebook a picture of a very adorable pup. The dog was at a shelter in Faridabad. I went to get him and trust me it was love at first sight.”

Isn’t this the perfect story, but a story is be considered incomplete without a villain.

“Apple grew up in Faridabad house with a supposedly loving family. The dog and the kid had compatibility issues so one fine day the family decided to give the dog to the driver.  He couldn't take care of him, couldn’t feed him well and later the dog was beaten brutally to an extent that he broke his pelvic bone. Finally after all this tragedy the driver left him on the street.”

Venkat believes that he hasn’t adopted a dog but rescued a life. “When I first met Apple he looked like a stray dog with patchy and pale skin. He was very calm and had no major temperamental issue. The major issue was his deteriorating health. There were no details about his vaccinations and check-ups.”

But with time and Venkat’s constant love and support, Apple is healthy and happy now.

According to you, should people prefer adoption or buying pets? “I personally feel that it an individual thing. Adoption is a noble cause. But it is important that you research about the NGO or the animal shelter thoroughly. I really don’t endorse buying a pet.”

Do you feel there is any difference in adopting a pet and buying a new born pup? In terms of behaviour and its care.

“It takes time to build that bond of trust and belongingness with pups. Sometimes they take a lot of time to respond. A high level of commitment is required to strike the perfect chord. But at the end of the day, I am really happy that I adopted, rather rescued a life.”

As we all are different, in the same way our pets also have their own individuality. Respect their individuality and keep in mind that even our pets need their own time and space.

Follow these valuable tips that Venkat shared with us.

1)      Know the NGO well enough before the adoption. Do your research well.

2)      Speak to people who have a pet or have adopted a pet and ask for their experiences.

3)      The most important thing to do after adoption is to check your dog's health and overall well-being. Make him comfortable first. Don't shower him with love and toys as he won't respond immediately. So give him some time to settle in and to build on his trust.

4)      Just avoid things that might bring back his bad memories. Like I avoid carrying a stick while going for a walk.

5)       Know his limits. If the dog can't “stay” because of his pelvic injury don't push him too hard. Don’t force him to do things he can't.

6)      Let him grow out of his fears and accept him the way he lover stories

What do you feel should be done to encourage people to adopt pets?

“People should get over the taboo of adoption. People think that any dog that is adopted is unhealthy and full of infections. They have to overcome this attitude and accept the fact that it is a life that they are adopting. A lot of awareness needs to be created to promote this noble cause of pet adoption.”

Small steps taken in this direction would certainly make a big difference.

“Joy of adoption lies in saving a life and then giving it a new life!” said Venkat with a broad smile.

Q6. Lastly, share some interesting things about your pet and the relation you share with him/her.

Although all the moments that we spend with our pets are very special, but there some extraordinaire moments that remain etched onto our hearts forever.

“He means a world to me. We are friends and not an owner and a pet. We are learning about each other every day. Every time I go out of town it is very difficult as I keep missing him. We have built a relation of trust and love.

He is very responsive. Our relationship has evolved into a non-material phase where we sit together and watch television.”

Sometimes it is difficult for the pet to get accustomed to the new surrounding and environment, as they have been through a lot. Often they act stubbornly and roughly. Handle them with patience.

(How to Train a dog)

“Once Apple picked up a mango from the temple and this thought was a little unsettling for all of us. We thought that this is a behavioural problem. Thanks to our veterinarian, Pradeep Rana for helping us and taking extra care of Apple. Without his help Apple wouldn't be the way he is now.”

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