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Versatile Musician Raghav Sachar In Talks about his Canine Companion - Tenor

08 Oct 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

One of the most talented and multifaceted musicians in the Indian music industry, Raghav Sachar effortlessly dons many hats a time - a composer, a vocalist, a musician who can play 33 different musical instruments (and counting). Raghav has a huge fan following and is an inspiration to many upcoming talents. Raghav is also an ardent animal lover and has a pet who is as talented and special as he is. We had the wonderful opportunity to chat up with Raghav about his favourite companion and best friend - Tenor, his dog, a pure bred Labrador Retriever


Tenor 3

Tenor At Home

Here are the excerpts from the interview

DogSpot: Tenor is an extremely good looking pooch. Tell us about him, what is he like?

Raghav: Tenor, which essentially means a high pitched male dominating voice, is 9 years old and has been with me since 2005 and has been aptly named so as he has a high pitched bark that can scare anyone around. Since I wanted an import, I picked up Tenor from a litter of pups of an Australian Champion mum and an American stud dad. Tenor himself is a champion dog and has participated and won various dog shows and competitions. The Winner of Best Breed (4 - 5  times) and the Winner of Obedience Trial (7-8 times) Tenor has several trophies under his name from various competitions held in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai.

Tenor 2

Tenor is a 6 generation pedigree dog and is registered on papers as Yudhishtir Monarc, something which even I did not know. It was during one of the Dog Shows where Tenor had one that i came to know that his name was Yudhishtir Monarc after his name was announced. 

Personality wise tenor is one of the most lovable and silent dogs that i have come across and also one of the best singers that I know. He is so quiet a dog that days go by when we do not hear his bark. It is then we give him the command to bark just to hear his voice.

DogSpot: About Tenor’s singing capabilities, last year in an interview with Time of India, you had mentioned that Tenor sings a particular song really well. Which is this song and how did he come to learn singing?

Raghav: When I had got Tenor as a puppy, that was also the time when I was recording my second album, 24 Carat. The lead song of the Album is Dil Hai Tanha. As a kid, Tenor would be with me, either on my lap or on my shoulder, when the song was being edited and mixed and he had heard it so much that now every time the song plays, the high pitched start of the song is like a trigger for him and without having any second thoughts about it, Tenor will cutely sing the entire song.

DogSpot: What all commands is Tenor familiar with?

Raghav: As Tenor is a Champion Dog and also the Winner of several Obedience Trial Competitions, he is familiar with most of the commands. He will bark on command, can sneeze on command and the sneeze is of two ways, one a simple “achoo” and the other one is one where Tenor shakes his head and ears and sneezes, like a proper human being and its all on command. Other than that Tenor is extremely obedient as a dog, he would stay, run, wink and follow every single command that you give him. Another adorable thing that Tenor does is pick his own leash and head off for a walk. 

raghav and tenor 2

DogSpot: Do you and Tenor have any special activities that both of you love and carry out together?

Raghav: Tenor and I both share our love for swimming and long drives. When it comes to swimming, Tenor is an excellent swimmer and a natural one at that. He holds the record of being underwater for over a minute. Swimming always means Tenor has his frisbee to play with in and under water.

Raghav and Tenor Swimming

Another thing that both of us truly love is going for long drives.In fact, I bought an Audi Q7 just for Tenor so that the big boot of the car has plenty of room for Tenor to play, sleep and sit when we go for drives. Our travelogue has been extensive and we have been on holidays together to areas around Pune, Lonavla, Igatpuri, Khandala and Mahabaleshwar. I think the only place that we really need to go to is Goa, and hopefully a trip there is on the cards.

DogSpot: What about Amita (Raghav’s Wife) ? Is she a pet lover too?

Raghav: Yes, Amita too is a pet lover and has a Pug, though I am not very fond of Pugs. When it comes to Tenor, they both love each other but I guess, Amita is not as crazy about Tenor as I am.

family time - tenor

DogSpot: Both you and Amita, your wife have an extremely hectic lifestyle - with recordings, concerts, travels and scripts. How do you manage your time with Tenor? 

Raghav: It's true that both Amita and I have a hectic lifestyle but we do manage to take out as much time as possible to be with Tenor. For me, my top priority is Tenor and I have one dedicated staff member just to look after Tenor - his walks, food, grooming and other day to day activities. Even for the household, when any new staff member is brought aboard, it is imperative for them to be a dog lover else I get extremely hassled.

It's unfortunate that my work and lifestyle does not permit me to spend as much time as I want to spend with Tenor. It becomes all the more difficult when I have international tours which are 15 - 20 days long. When it comes to recordings or concerts within the country, I would head off for the concert in the morning and be back from it the next day. But if I am travelling somewhere on my own and especially if  its a road trip, I make sure that Tenor accompanies me. I go the extra mile to take permissions from concerned authorities to allow Tenor in the suite as I do not believe in the concept of  Kennels for dogs even if they are at prime properties. For me, its a priority that Tenor is with me in my room/suite.

DogSpot: Have you always had pets or is Tenor the first canine family member you have had?

Raghav: Ever since I was a kid, I was a huge fan of dogs. My parents and family have been extremely scared of dogs till Tenor came along. When I came to Mumbai, it was my dream to have a dog of my own. On a holiday trip to Mussorie, I came across a kennel where there were pups up for adoption. However, at that time I was not very well read on how to bring up a puppy. The new puppy was very young when I got him and due to the long commute from Delhi to Mumbai, the pup caught fever and later developed distemper to which we lost him. He was with us for only 17 days. It was a huge jolt for my confidence, especially on how good I was on keeping a dog. I really wanted a dog as a companion and so I decided to read on pups and their care and today I can confidently say that I am much more aware and knowledgeable about puppy care that I was before. 

Raghav and Tenor

When I first met Tenor he was with his canine mum and dad at a kennel in Dadar. I booked Tenor and told the owner to look after Tenor and ensure that he feeds on his mother’s milk so as to develop a stronger immune system. I got Tenor when he was 3 months old, an ideal age for the puppy to wean off mothers milk and start puppy foods. Unfortunately as a kid, Tenor had caught Tick fever and I had left no stone unturned to have Tenor taken care of by the best of veterinarians who would stay at my home and look after Tenor in my absence. Even today, Tenor is highly susceptible to tick fever so he is always wearing a tick collar and we regularly groom him to make sure he does not have ticks.

DogSpot: Do you plan to keep another dog?

Raghav: I don't think I want to keep another dog. For me Tenor is 100% my top priority. Both of us have been through such wonderful times in our lives that I don't think there will ever be another Tenor for me. I am extremely cautious about Tenor’s health and especially his weight. I make sure that his diet is balanced and even the staff are aware how sensitive I am about Tenor. Tenor rules the house and we all have his fur everywhere in the house, on our clothes and even on furniture. Even though Tenor has slept with me in my bed ever since he was a kid, I do not allow him anymore on the bed as it is high and I do not want him to have any injury while jumping up and down the high bed. 

Raghav Sacahr 1

As a dog he is one of the best and the most intelligent ones i have met. I have always been biased towards Labrador Retrievers and Tenor has been the reason for that. In the future when i have kids, i would want them to grow up with a pet simply because with a pet there is so much to learn and also because its wonderful to have a true friend, always.  Tenor has won the hearts of everyone in my family. My parents who had never touched a dog in their life are now friends with Tenor and pet him and play with him. My niece and nephew are the biggest fans that Tenor has, and Tenor too absolutely adores them. I think its his lovable and calm nature that has made all the difference. 

DogSpot: On a serious note, everyday we hear stories about owners abandoning their pets for various reasons. What are your thoughts on the same?

Raghav: I think one of the main reasons that people abandon their dogs is the financial cost that accompanies towards the upkeep of the dog. In cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, the cost of keeping a dog are very high. The pet product companies and veterinarians in these cities probably work on a very high margin as a result of which the financial implication towards keeping a dog is high every month. For example, a consultation fees for Tenor would cost INR 600 and if there are follow ups, there is an additional cost to that. Then there are costs involved with medications, grooming, food and accessories. For many, their earning capabilities may not permit them to afford such high costs and they may end of making either a compromise on the upkeep of their dog or by simply abandoning them. It may sound a little stupid, but the imbalance between the high cost of living and earning capabilities is one of the prime reasons why some unfortunate pets get abandoned.

DogSpot: How has having tenor made a difference in your life?

Raghav: As you are aware I am in a hectic line of business where everything is very professional and stressful. For me, having Tenor has been a huge blessing. Tenor is my closest and best friend and my biggest stress buster. One the worst of the days, I would just sit with Tenor, kiss him like crazy and then get back to work. Tenor and I also share a great connect and he somehow always knows my moods and emotions, at times better than me. Both of us look forward to our time spent together and I think without Tenor there would have been something missing in my life. Tenor has made a huge difference in my life and I am extremely happy about the decision I took to bring him home, in my life.


We at DogSpot wish Raghav, Amita and Tenor, the best of luck for their endeavours! 

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