Vet And Director Of Taiwanese Animal Shelter Committed Suicide

29 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

It breaks our heart to hear such tear-jerking news. A director and a veterinary doctor of an animal shelter in Taiwan, Jian Zhicheng apparently committed suicide. The reason behind it said to be saddening. It is being reported that she became flustered and distressed with the increasing number of dogs she had to euthanise.


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According to certain reports, she was supposedly upset after few animal rights activists were threatening her regarding euthanise. She was even being called “butcher with beauty”. She putting to sleep plenty of dogs was covered on a television program, which dropped highlight on the entire incident. The Chinese media put her suicide note in public explaining that how sad and distressed was Jian. She was very disturbed by the fact that she had to put so many dogs to death.


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Jian, who was 31-year-old, was a hard working woman and did every bit to help and support animals in her shelter. She was a dedicated lady and helped the abandoned dogs in finding their forever homes. But with the people giving priority to buy dogs instead of adopting them made Jian furthermore depressed and sad. This made her move a step forward to suicide. As per the reports, she had euthanise about 700 dogs in past two years. The pressure of being called a “female butcher” around the world was another reason for her suicide.


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Jian was discovered in an unconscious state. She had injected the euthanasia drug into her system. The animal shelter, Xinwu, has the capacity of 500 dogs and 100 cats and right now it has 94 cats and 410 dogs.

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