Vital Travel Gear Checklist for Your Dog

25 May 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Summers are here and so are your travel plans. Aren’t they? Just as you pack your stuff, have you thought about your dog’s packing? No? Don’t worry; we are here to help you out. We have come up with a list of travel gears, which are essential for your dog, so that you aren’t baffled when on a holiday with your furball. Let’s check them out.


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Travel Bowl

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Make sure you keep your dog’s food dish handy, or for that matter even the water bowl. Instead for carrying the regular ones opt for travel bowls. They are practical and conserve space.



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Generally essential for air travel, crates are the best for your dog. Various kinds of crates are available these days. However, go for collapsible ones, which save space and carrying them is easier and hassle-free.You can buy this one here

Information folder


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Whenever you are leaving for a holiday with your dog, never ever forget to carry his medical information. This might include his prescriptions, allergies info, vaccination proofs etc. make a folder of this stats and keep it with you when travelling with your pooch.

Updated dog tags


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In case your dog goes missing, how will other people help you? Well, if your dog's collar tag is updated, he is going to be alright. Make sure you have a tag with your pooch’s name, address, your phone number and an email address. These things will keep you tension free all through your trip.

Dog bags


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There are times when your dog poops and you don’t have anything to pick that up. Well, to handle this situation well, pack some extra dog bags. Keep some in your bag pack and some in suitcase, so that you can take them out as and when required. few of them can be attached to leash. You can buy them here


Sport Pack


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You don’t want your suitcase to smell like dog. Do you? To keep away the stinky smell, pack your dog’s chew toys and other doggy stuff in sports packs. These bags contain moisture, mud and odor. Hence, don’t be bothered as the sport packs will not stink up your suitcase or your trip.


Leash and extra collar


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You can’t predict what is going to happen on your holiday. Hence, to keep you furry little friend safe and sound, carry extra leash and collar for sure.




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Everyone loves their bed, so does your dog. Therefore, remember to carry his bed. They would sleep better with their own bed and not be cranky all throughout the journey. If carrying their bedding is problem, then a couple of weeks before give them a towel to sleep on. Sleeping on this during your trip will make them smell like home. Also, there are numerous kinds of traveling bedding available. The rolled up bedding is one of the best choices for your pooch. You can buy this paw shaped bed here.

It’s not at all difficult to carry your dog’s stuff while travelling. All you need is a check list and smart packing hacks and you are ready to hit the road.

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