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Wagging its way to the Heart

24 Dec 2013 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

This Frosty Christmas eve it is all about thanking your dog and there has been an overwhelming response from all pet owners who want to thank their pet for the joy they have bestowed on them in this past year. Today, we feature Pravin Kora for him it was love at first sight with Polo. He is the proud owner of a yellow color Labrador Retriever, Polo. Pravin says that this bundle of joy caught his attention as soon as he entered the pet store to purchase him. Polo came and tried to climb his leg, it was instant connection at first sight. Pravin got this bundle of joy home.Pravin dog lover

Polo is a handful; Pravin has changed his entire house furniture in the time he has been home. In addition there has been dearth of shoes and slippers that has been chewed by this bundle of joy. Every time there has been a chance to banter at him. He has made him mellow by batting those coy brown eyes at him.

Getting back home is the highlight of the day for him. He says that there is no one in the family who is more ecstatic to see him other than Polo. Once he is home suddenly the stressful day or the harrowing traffic does not matter. It is just the joy that is so engulfing that these things seem trivial.

Polo loves to wag his tail and Pravin has almost lost the number of counts that he has fixed his Bob Marley replica that sits on his coffee table. It has lost his legs numerous times, thanks to the wags of affection that Pravin has received from Polo but that does not make him angry, it makes him happy for the affection the affection he receives.

It has been eight years that this adorable and faithful companion has been in his life and there hasn’t been a day ever since then when he has not thanked him from coming into his life. Pravin feels that he brings out the patient and loving side to him. He is thankful of that fateful day when this tiny thing was jumping on his leg. The big brown eyes have taught him to be selfless when it comes to giving love and affection.

Polo has taught Pravin the true spirit of Christmas, give unconditional love and spread the joy and he believes that there is no one else who can compete with that feeling or even come anywhere near to replicating it.

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