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Walking to Heel

11 Mar 2008 | by | Posted in: Training

Walking to heel

Your dog must be able to walk in control without the leash. It's important as it helps build up the confidence of your pup before you take out for walks. It needs to be trained properly so that it can walk to heel and carry out your command correctly.

Hold the leash in such a way that your arm bends towards your body. Make sure that you keep one of your hands free to give the signal while holding the leash. Now position the pup in the 'sit' position.

Use The Pup's Name
Attract your dog's attention by calling its name always. Now give the 'heel' command in an encouraging tone. Move forward and use your hand to praise and encourage the pup. Keep the pup close to your side. Make sure that the pup is in the right position before giving the 'heel' command.

Once your pup has moved a few paces, shorten its leash. Keep praising your pup. Repeat this exercise till your pup becomes comfortable with walking on a loose leash. Never forget to encourage your pup in a friendly and an endearing tone.

Litmus Test
Take your pup to a safe area and place it in the 'sit' position. Unclip its leash by holding the collar. Don't let the pup move around freely. Command it to go and let it play and enjoy.

Golden Paw
Your pup doesn't get excited on getting the leash attached to its collar. Moreover, it is well attentive to its name and moves with you forward, and stays by your side. Your pup stays quiet when the leash is taken off and waits for your signal and command to go.

Silver Paw
Your pup doesn't mind getting the leash attached to its collar. Your pup slowly responds to its name and the leash needs to be used to keep it in position and it can't remain still while putting off the leash.

Bronze Paw
Your pup is not all what the aforementioned "Paws" are, i.e. it jumps up when the leash is attached and is slow to respond to its name too. It also pulls the leash and finds it difficult to walk and tries to struggle free when the leash is being removed off


I have started training my pup to walk along with me, it seems we both are enjoying our new exercise routine..

By: Reshma | 05 Nov 2009

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