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Wanna get a medium sized dog?

29 Mar 2013 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Let’s admit it. No matter what size or shape they come in, a dog is an adorable creature. Be it a miniature dog, a medium sized dog or a big one, we all love them. But then, for some people, size does matter when it comes to dogs. People who can afford to have huge spaces like a farm house or a home with plenty of open space, like to own big breeds. But, today’s apartment and small home culture allows space for small to medium sized dogs. If a medium sized dog is your preference, then here are some options you may wish to consider:

Chow Chow

From behind its thick coarse coat, the Chow Chow may look scary for a little while. Become friends with them, and they’d be your best pals. Fiercely protective of their masters, this medium sized dog is athletic and loves a good walk. This dog breed hails from China, and tends to be fiercely independent. As their master, you have to act like their friend and less as a master. These dogs can happily live in an apartment or a small house but need their daily dose of activity too.  

Basset Hound

With their unique appearance, Basset Hounds are easily recognized. In French, the word Basset means translates as ‘rather low’ and rather low they are. If you see them from a distance, you would hardly see their little legs and would wonder if they are moving about on their stomach. But don’t worry, you won’t lose them as you can always spot these medium sized dogs with their tail which is white at the end. As these were bred as hunter breeds, they need to be kept under supervision for you never know they may run helter-skelter in search of a prey. Nevertheless, they are an extremely caring dog breed-friendly towards both adults and kids. Their short height is an indication that they need plenty of exercise so that they keep their weight under control.

Bull Dog

Bull Dog or the English Bull Dog, call it what you will but my favourite Bull Dog of all times remains Spike in the ever entertaining cartoon show Tom and Jerry. Even his mischievous son Tyke is as endearing. They may not look as cute as other dog breeds, but Bull Dogs, despite their rowdy appearance, make excellent family pets. Your kids will love them. This medium size dog breed can be lazy if it wants to so make sure you discipline him at a young age itself. One word of caution though: Give him lots of things to chew or else expect your house, especially your slippers and shoes to be in a state of mess at all times.

Sussex Spaniel

Look at the Sussex Spaniel and you’d see a serious looking dog with a disdain for the world in his eyes. Bring them home and you’d find these drab looking guys with a naughty personality. Fun-loving, cheerful and friendly are some of the adjectives you can associate with this medium sized dog breed. Keep them anywhere but keep them company for they love to have people around. Kids love them and so do the adults at home. They are quite an obedient breed but when at home, you need to allocate specific space for them lest you want their drool all over the place.

Cocker Spaniel

Like several other breeds, this breed was developed as hunting dogs long back. Today they are known more as family pets. In America, these are known as American Cocker Spaniel while in England, they are called English Cocker Spaniel. Their legs are thickly coated which kind of gives them a royal canine look. Needless to say, they love to keep in shape and hence will happily accompany you for long walks. Take care that when you feed them, dog food is served in deep bowls so that their pretty ears don’t get dirty and spoil their look.

German Pinscher

As the name suggests, German Pinscher comes all the way from Germany. Alert, agile and active, this breed needs constant exercise and space to run so as to release all that pent up energy. Their athletic built is a reminder of the fact that these dogs were bred originally to hunt down vermin. And that they will even when at home. Treat them well and they’d be your bum chums but they also are very loyal to their owners and needless to say overprotective too. They would remind you of the fearsome Doberman breed but German Pinscher are far more amiable.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier


You’d have a hard time locating its eyes as they are covered in their thick soft coat. Back then, they were called ‘the poor man’s dog’ that guarded their master’s farms and cattle. It may look like a royally lazy dog resigned to a life of luxury but appearances can be deceptive. This breed is alert to its surroundings as any other guard dog breed. Train them the way you want to and they’ll stick to this training all their lives as they are quite an obedient breed. Thanks to their soft coat, Wheaten Terriers are not happy to be outdoors in the heat. So, keep them indoors as much as you can and allow them some play time outside in the fresh air.




These may be medium sized dogs, but Whippets resemble the giant Great Danes. Their agility and athletic built makes them suitable as watchdogs. Whippets make for great companions and are happy to be in the company of kids too. They do not shed a lot of hair, emit little odor and are low-maintenance dogs, perfect for a home setting. Allow them space and time to run and exercise and they’d do fine spending their days in an apartment like setting. If taken care of well, they can survive for 12 to 15 years. Just keep the cats out of their sight, unless they have been brought up together.

These are just some of the medium sized dog breeds that are also available in India. Though whichever breed you may want to get for yourself, you must remember one thing-dogs need as much love and care as the human babies. Leave them alone and you’d upset them for life. Love them and in return you’d be showered with selfless love.

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