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Warming the heart of every visitor

20 Jan 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”. This is a quote by Anatole France, this will be something that is resonated with a lot of you. You never know what love and loyalty is till the time you get a dog home. He or she may not speak but those contended eyes and the licks tell you something that thousand words can also not convey.

Aradhana Lal Dog Lover

I am a dog lover and have always had dogs ever since I can remember; they have been my friends, my sibling when I was going through a rough patch and recently they are like my children. Life has given me a lot of ups and downs. There have been days when the dark cloud has refused to lift but there has always been a silver lining waiting for me at home. Those licks and the welcome can just make anybody’s day and help you attain that momentary nirvana.

So, you can garner that what my reactions would be whenever I see a dog. This is especially important for me when I am out for a vacation. I miss my three little musketeers (my three adorable dogs), on my last weekend travel I was surprised to see these two dogs sitting outside the Lemon Tree Hotel in Sector 29, Gurgaon basking in the sun. I could make out that these Indian bred dogs had a home because they were clean and wore clean jackets and were of course friendly with the gate keeper.

My natural instinct was to go and play with these two on further inquiring I came to know that these two were the residents of hotel where I was staying. This was unique in many ways in my extensive travel across the India. I am yet to come to a hotel that has such affection for the canines, while being a non-pet friendly hotel.

On further inquiry I came to know that the almost everyone in the hotel board is a dog lover. We did a one on with the Hotel to know and find a little more about their pet policy or as they call it their pooch policy. This is what Aradhana Lal, Vice President, Corporate Communications & Sustainability Initiatives; The Lemon Tree Hotel Company has to say.

Q: How did you come across the idea of having a pet in each of your hotels?

Aradhana: The Lemon Tree founding team, the people who defined the brand architecture of the hotel and brought the company to life are genuine pet lovers. Their aim is to adopt and take care of street dogs.  Today every Lemon Tree Hotel has adopted a street dog and he or she is taken care by the hotel team. We also name the dog, inoculate and feed it well.

Q: What urged you to keep Indian dogs rather than the thorough or pedigree breeds?

Aradhana: Lemon Tree Hotels is a trusted hotel chain and the third largest country in terms of owned rooms. So, it was quiet a simple decision to adopt and take care of the Indian street dogs only, we take pride in the Indian dogs.. The other reason that facilitated the decision was that it is a little difficult for the Indian dogs to find a kind home and good care. We just wanted to do our bit in whatever small way we could.

Q: Though the pets are not allowed inside the premises? Do you let your customers know about the pets in your hotel premises?

Aradhana:We receive a variety of guests at our hotels; every individual has their own likes and dislikes. To the dog lovers coming to our hotel, we make it a point that they know about our social initiative. However, we are very careful not to inconvenience guests and ensure that our dog mascot is restricted to the back of the house areas.

Q. Do you have any plans of making this a pet friendly hotel?

Aradhana:Our engagement with pets is at the moment defined by our adoption of street dogs and we buy a lot of art objects that are promoted by People for Animals. At the moment we are one of the biggest supporters for their art.

As of converting our hotels to a pet friendly hotel in the future it depends on the consumer feedback and the infrastructure changes that come with it. We will plan to make this conversion only when we feel that there is a demand for it and it is feasible to incorporate such changes in the hotel.

Q.  What urged you to make this such an elaborate K9 unit?

Aradhana (smiles and says):We did it for the sake of fun. We felt it would make Lemon Tree refreshing and memorable. There is another side to that coin as well. We take our being an “equal Opportunity Employer” rather seriously at times.

Sparky Vice Chair Dog All said and done, let us introduce you to the elite canine members who boast being a part of this hotel group. The canine (K9) is led by Sparky Keswani, Vice Chairdog, Lemon Tree Hotels Company, Mascot and Senior Food Critic. Sparky has been with the hotel since the day she was born and represents the brands value integrity and teamwork. She is one of the most important members of this team.

Artificer Ploytechus Keswani aka Street Arthur, Exceptive Assistant to the Vice Chairdog, Lemon Tree Hotels is serving as an apprentice under Keswani and is soon expected to join the ranks.aka

Bobby Aka Bob Tree Dogrante, is a beach hound and junior Food critic and at the moment resides in Lemon Tree Amarante Beach Resort in Goa. Knotty aka Not Yet A Tree resides in the Ahmedabad property. Potty aka Pot Tree is still in training and represents the brands core value of excellence, you can find him in the Aurgandabad Hotel. You can also find his spouse S’Paw with him, another associate within the ranks.

Ouch is another AssociaBobby Aka Bob Tree Dogarantete in the K9 Squad and resides in Chandigarh where he has known to build up quite a reputation amongst female followers.  S’leepee is a Canine resource associate of the squad and is stationed in Chennai at the moment. Bengaluru is home to Byte who serves as an associate in the squad.

Indore is home to one of the most inquisitive dogs in the squad Nip ‘n’ run aka Nipper, who is known for his this trait. Another associate of this elite squad is Lottery aka Lot Tree and resides in the Gurgaon Hotel of Lemon Tree. Snuggles aka Eat Tree resides in the St John Road hotel.pooch

Snippy aka Snippet-of-a- Tree resides in Alleppey and symbolizes the core value of integrity, which is a value for Lemon Tree Hotels as well. Tommy aka Tom Tree is the top dog, guest protection services  in Pune and has family as well that includes Tic, Tac and Toe.

Blotch is an esteemed horticulturist and can be seen in the front lawns of Hyderabad Lemon Tree. Along with this Pooch, assistant Supervisor of Material’s Management can be seen checking the supplies coming into the hotel in the Airport hotel in Delhi.

Image Credit https://www.lemontreehotels.com/about-us.aspx

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