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Warning: Cuteness Overloaded! Open Only If You Have A Strong Heart!

07 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Are you surrounded by cute dog posts? We're here to add the cherry on all those pictures you've seen. Your heart will not be able to handle this especially if you don't have a dog. So you've been warned...


Look at this girl being brave and taking care of her sick dog. The dog has the biggest support in the world. His favorite partner in crime.


Image Source: imgur


It's no surprise that your child will always look after the dog in the house. But this level of love which is beyond words can only be seen in their eyes.


Image Source: imgur

Did we not tell you how close these girls are? They don't bitch about each other behind the other one's back!


Image Source: imgur

This one just likes to chew everything owned by his owner. This time its the sweatshirt, next time it'll be the hand!


Image Source: imgur

This makes me want to jump into the computer and sit by their side. I mean how can someone be this cute??? And how patient is this lovely dog?


Image Source: imgur

Talkin about patience...


Image Source: imgur


Nobody can hurt this lady because she has the back of this caring dog. People look for this kind of support all over the world. This is one in a million kind of a bond.


Image Source: imgur

These two are just naughty, I wonder how their house looks like with all their mischiefs!


Image Source: imgur

Can I join in toooo? Damn, I can't even control my smile at this one.


Image Source: imgur

The cuteness doesn't stop here. Look at your side your true puppy love is waiting for you right there. Turn off your phone and sit by his side. Do it every day. He waits for you. All day. We'd love to hear your pup's story in the comments section below!



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