Tip and tricks by mavi kennel regarding grooming of your lovingly pets

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mavi kennels wants to guide you regarding grooming and giving bath to your lovely pets this is the very important information from mavi kennel

  • Bathing always comes before dry-grooming, since it makes brushing
    and trimming a lot easier as well as a lot more effective (there's
    not much point in brushing a tangled, dirty coat!)
  • You will need some basic tools: a tub, a non-slip mat, a plastic
    jug, some warm water, a small sponge, and some canine shampoo (not
    human shampoo: the pH is all wrong for dogs, and will give her dry
    and flaky skin.)
  • Stand her in the tub, on the non-slip mat. If she's a large or
    unruly dog, you may want to wash her outside to minimize mess -
    either that, or you can restrain her by tying one end of a light
    nylon leash to her collar, and the other end to the faucet.
  • Pour jugs of warm water all over her until she's good and wet. This
    breaks down the grease in her fur, and ensures a thorough shampooing.
  • Mix a little shampoo with another jug of warm water, and rub it
    thoroughly into your dog's fur. Start off with her back and rub it
    into a good lather (but don't be too harsh!)
  • Now you can move on to her head and face. Be very careful here -
    dogs' eyes are sensitive too, and if you get any water in her ears,
    she'll probably get an ear infection. (You can plug her ears with a
    small twist of cotton wool to help stop this from happening, if you
  • Remember to clean under her tail before you wash her off - dip the
    sponge into the shampoo mixture to do this properly.
  • Now it's time to rinse: using the jug and some clean, warm,
    shampoo-free water, carefully tip it all over her and use your
    fingers to help disperse the lather from her coat. Rinse her off
    thoroughly at least twice, since any residue that remains will
    irritate her skin.

Now you'll need to dry her off: if she's got short fur, you can use
a towel (an old one will do just fine, although big dogs generally
need two); for dogs with longer fur, give her a gentle toweling-off
first, and then use a hair dryer to get rid of the last dampness.
Be certain that it's set on low heat, and hold it far away from
your dog's fur to prevent burning either the skin or the fur.


Remember that most dogs have an inherent dislike of being bathed,
which can cause anxiety and even outright panic.

Your dog takes a lot of her emotional cues from you, so make sure
you act like a good role model for the occasion. Reassure your dog
frequently, keeping your voice well-modulated, low, and even; keep
your movements slow and deliberate; praise her lavishly for good
behavior, and give her a couple of treats throughout the process to
make it more enjoyable for her.

The more she enjoys the process, the easier it'll be for you!


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"Warm Water" even in hot climates like that in India?

By: gspal | 16 May 2010

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