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29 Jun 2009 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

After giving a lot of thought to getting a pair of dogs as an additional family, we decided to go with purchasing a children's friendly dog. We did some research and found that Golden Retrievers are good with children. We started looking for the right breeder in Kolkata; then a family member told us that they knew of a breeder who had sold them a male Golden Retrever. We then contated the breeder "Ashok" who lives in Bhangur near Lake Town, he breedes a bunch of dogs.

Mr. Ashok sold us a pair of Golden Retrievers from different parents for Rs.10,000 each, the pups were around 60 days old. Mind you, we had no idea about what to look at while buying the puppies. During the next couple of months, we found the male looking very different from the female in structure, the ears were getting bushy and long so were his legs and the puppy was getting longer. We were then told by our Vet that the male was mixed between a Golden retriever and most likely an Irish Setter. After doing some of our own invistagation, we did come to learn the truth. The male puppy's father was indeed an Irisg Setter and the mother a Golden Retriever. We tried for several weeks to contact this Mr. Ashok but he just would not answer our calls. So on June 28, we packed up the male puppy and drove to Mr. Ashok's house in Bhangur. When confronted about what he had done by cheating us, he started denying what we had found to be the truth. Our hearts broke, but we decided to leave the male puppy with Mr. Ashok who has not refunded us the money paid for the puppy. Further more, the paper work he had promised from KCI has not been sent to us even after 4 months of us buying the puppies, we find it hard to believe that he could make genuine papers for the mixed breed puppy.

I write this just so that if you are a first time buyer of a puppy, please take an expert along with you when buying a puppy.

Mr. Ashok has not seen the ungly side of me yet and if he does not give me the paperwork to have me register our female puppy with KCI Channi, he is going to have a very sore butt soon.


Neville McDonald


Warren Chang
I am not supporting anyone here, but how did you come to conclusion that the male was mixed. Puppies go thru puppy uglies. I have seen some Golden rets that look like Irish setters when they are 6 months old only to turn out as Goldens when they are a year old.
There are Goldens with almost red coats, the old type. Now they are more white. the below link will show the colour variation well.
Regarding the papers, i think you should wait a little longer. There could be a delay.

By the way, vets are no dog judges, there are there to treat dog no tell how dogs adder to the breed standard. If you want a honest opinion you should get it from a dog show judge or you can get an opinion thru the KCI breed recognition program.

By: Warren Chang | 05 Jul 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
most disheartening is that you LEFT the puppy after having him for 4 months. I guess NO breeder should sell you a dog as from my view you are NOT a dog lover..keeping a dog is EGO issue / STATUS issue for you. Maybe i sound harsh but this is my view. And threatening is not the way out... paper works are slow at KCI now a days. i am still waiting for papers for some of my dogs.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 05 Jul 2009

Warren Chang
Slow needs new definition.

By the way, did you see the parents of your pups. No reputable breeder will sell you 2 at the same time.

As doggiesdude said, did you buy them for status/ego/ breeding. Coz it is so, I feel that you had done some very big mistakes in selecting yoru puppies.

By: Warren Chang | 05 Jul 2009

Dinkar Singh
The approach from the beginning was wrong. You decide to buy a pup, but you did not do your research about the breed and the requirements of the breed. One should never buy 02 pups at the same time, specially if you have not kept dogs before. These are big dogs and need a lot of exercise, training and care. I agree with DoggiesDude. It is because of people like you that we have so many homeless dogs. They too have feelings and need a loving home.

By: Dinkar Singh | 05 Jul 2009

Warren Chang
I like to see a good reason for this whole mess. Are you willing to rehome this puppy if he is not upto yr standards.

By: Warren Chang | 05 Jul 2009

Agam Prabhakar
i personally think that a cross pup from an irish setter and a golden retriever is a good out-come... wonder why did you give the pup back... i would have loved to post a picture had this platform allowed me... just because he is not a pedigree doesnt mean the dog would turn out bad. Instead of calling it a mix breed, i think, it is also known as hybrid... simply best of both the worlds...

By: Agam Prabhakar | 06 Jul 2009

Dinkar Singh
I would just like to add, unless the breeder has agreed to the irish setter golden cross, the pup actually may be a pure golden. Goldens come in various colours rather shades of golden, from creamish upto dark golden which as times may look a bit like the irish setter colour. Although the yellow golden being most popular and used mostly for shows, one may think that is the only colour.

In dogs its a male that has a better coat as compared to females and this is true in all long coated breeds. You must be also aware that its the males that are bigger in size in most animals regardless whether its a dog or a tiger etc.

You may be having a very good vet, but its not necessary that he is an expert in dog breeds, I mean finer details of the breed unless he is really into dog breeds and studying particular dog breeds like some of us here do. Another thing you should understand that dogs generally go through an ugly stage when they are growing up and it can come anyway from 2months to 6 months. So they can look awkward. Generally pure breed pups at 2 months are what they will grow up to be when adults, but inbetween they have different stages in their life where in they may not look good or nice. It happens in humans also and if you have kids who have grown up in front of you, you will notice the awkward or ugly stage some boys and girls go through too, its normal.

So now when I think of it you may have made a mistake and blamed the breeder for nothing. It has been your ignorance and lack of knowledge.

By: Dinkar Singh | 07 Jul 2009

Agam Prabhakar
I agree with Kasmanda !!

By: Agam Prabhakar | 08 Jul 2009

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