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Little did William Shakespeare know that over a period of time, a simple line from his play Romeo and Juliet will hold so much importance in how we humans perceive the entire logic of keeping names - whether its for our human children or our pets!

When we spoke to Divya and her husband Gopakumar about the logic behind Fido the Furball’s name, it was simple - Fido was Abraham Lincoln’s dog and the name stands for loyalty! 

Divya Gopa and Fido

Shalinee and Rajive Murishwar, pet parents to Late Nawab, a German Shepherd and Romeo a Labrador retriever, named their furry babies just by observing their behaviour. Nawab, as the name suggests was a majestic, elegant, powerful, lovable and the eldest son of the family! Royalty was what Nawab was known for and hence the name. Romeo on the other hand is the naughty, over friendly Labrador with a soft spot for girls and no other name would have done justice to his flamboyant personality!

rajive and romeo and nawab

Gazal Bawa’s labradoodle, Penny Lane Kaur Bawa, has a musical twist to her name. Gazal is a huge fan of the Beatle’s and their song Penny Lane struck chord when Penny came into their lives. As for the rest of the name, Gazal wants Penny to feel as sardarni as she herself is!

gazal and penny

Pooja Sareen named her puppy Mickey Mickie after two of her favourite - Mickey Mouse and WWE Mickie James, hence the dual Mickey Mickie!

pooja and micky

For Adnan Khan, naming his Bull Mastiff was not that difficult. Adnan felt that his pup had an uncanny resemblance to Homer Simpson from the popular TV show, The Simpsons and hence the name - Homer! Adnan had first implied that his name came from Homer the Greek philosopher but the cartoon character seems more befitting seeing the dog’s temperament and demeanor. 

adnan and homer

Derek and Carina Bedi recently brought home a beautiful Rottweiler and they have aptly christened him Brutus - strong and majestic!

Derek and Brutus

Speaking of Rottweilers, Chotu Augustine has another interesting story behind his name. Alya, Chotu’s sister named him when he first came into their lives. Chotu was small, furry and absolutely adorable, and the name stuck. Although Chotu thinks that his real name is Don Darth Vader the Awesomeness!

Chotu and Alya

Given a choice, Kriti Gangahar would have named Brownie, the indie stray who Kriti cares for, a different name. But it was probably the brown fur patches that made the name Brownie stay. Kriti say’s the name Brownie has a nice and warm feeling, just like a brownie!! As for Money, the white kitten who came into their home a while back, the feline feel to the name was all that mattered!


When Deep Chakraborty first met the three month old puppy that would go home with him, he was in awe of her good looks and the beautiful eyes and her warm snuggles. Deep thought that with a puppy that beautiful, the name too would have to be suitable. Hence she was named Myshka - the puppy who gives bear hugs!

Deep and Myshka

Very few people have a special corner for animated movies, but those who do, have their favourites in heart! One such couple is Suhash and Isha Chakraborty who recently became pet parents to an adorable Beagle. When it came to naming him, Suhash and Isha knew that the puppy will be Simba , from Lion King.

Suhash and Simba

Similarly for Vaibhav Garg , his Beagle had to be named after his favourite character - Barney, the Dinosaur.

Vaibhav and Barney

Even for Karan and Aman, naming their golden retriever puppy Buzz after Buzz Light year of Toy Story was befitting the tradition.

karan aman and buzz

Shipra Singhal has a very romantic, bollywood twist when it came to naming her two beautiful cats. It was her close friend who had got them as kittens. Since the kittens were inseparable, they were named Jhilmil and Barfi, after the characters of the Bollywood flick.

bj name

For Air Vice Marshal H. S Ahluwalia, naming his five beautiful puppies was all about blessings. In hindu mythology, there is a saying in Indian Mythology that Goddess Saraswati sits on one’s tongue for a fleeting second or two in 24 hours. Whatever you then wish for happens. So, they decided to name their dogs SukhsaaDeechaChokdKhushali and Amiri considering these are the names that they will say all day. The first three names are Thai and mean anything from prosperity to good luck. The last two are Indian and are self explanatory. Air Vice Marshal Ahluwalia says that  our dogs are always on our laps, so while we may not be in the lap of luxury, at least prosperity, good luck and amiri are on our laps. 

Harry Uncle

Siddhanth and Karuna Chauhan have a very profound sense of their love for their two puppies - Moose and Cherry. Moose - the dashing and ever smiling Labrador Retriever has been named after their favourite Archies comic character Moose, easy to call out and absolutely adorable. When it comes to Cherry, her beautiful pink nose which looks like a cherry was the clue to her name. When she had first walked in to their house as a foster, little did she know that she would find a forever home after the first time that she heard her parents call her Cherry!

Moose Cherry Siddhant and Karuna

What do you call your pet? Do you have an interesting story behind their names?? Do write in to us and share!!

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