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When it is about sleeping ... Dogs rule!

07 May 2015 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Being a pet parent has been one of the best decisions of my life! My little bundle of joy brings so much happiness in our lives with all tail wagging, licking, bum shaking and of course her funny antics. It's amazing to watch her grow into a beautiful dog and find innovative ways to entertain us - her family - and our friends. But there is one thing I fail to understand - and it's her ability to sleep anywhere! Like seriously!! She can go to sleep on a shoe, over a pillow, under the bed! At times she looks comfortable, but at other times I can't help wonder how comfortable (read uncomfortable) it must be to sleep in the pose she is in.

Amazingly though, there are other pet parents who have similiar stories too. Go ahead see how our furry friends can sleep in the most comfortable and uncomfortable places.

The bar on the chair seems more comfortable than the bed

Sleep 1

And then the pedal seemed comfortable to sleep too!

sleep 2

I wanted to go to pee, but then decided to sleep!

sleep 3

Bed and breakfast is a perfect option!

sleep 4

Nothing more comfortable than sleeping on lap!

sleep 5

Sleep yoga is healthy for all!

sleep 6

So I was thinking that ZZZZZZZzzzZZZ

sleep 7

Some dogs can be ferociously sleepy!

sleep 8

The couch and ottoman is mine...to sleep!

sleep 9

Sleep Phbbttttt!!

sleep 10

Oh the garden is beautiful! Aah the pots are ideal to plant eerrrr Dogs?!

sleep 11

This is how you stretch .. and accidentally fall asleep!

sleep 12

My bowl ...  my bed ... my sleep!

sleep 13

Sleep is so cool ...  a happy dream cooler!

sleep 14

Indecent exposure!!!

sleep 15

But momma! I used to sleep in this when I was a puppy!

sleep 16

Ahhh! Sleep!

sleep 19

Can't sleep on the sofa!!? Okay, no problemo!

sleep 20

Some dogs can be cute while sleeping too!

sleep 21

Lastly, some dogs are royal even when they sleep!

sleep 22

If you have pictures of your pets sleeping in funny poses, do share them with us! Happy napping sleeping!

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