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When situation demands???

07 Nov 2010 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

This is not a story. As Jockey is my 8th GSD, I thought i should never hit him. But, that mistake took him to a death row. Compared to all the GSD s i pet till now, he is something unique in his behavior. At the age of his 4th month he ate a metal lock. I tried to pull that out though his bite was paining me, it was too late. The lock was not at a reachable distance. At last he got surged twice. Once to remove the lock. And, the second time his intestines got spoiled as the first surgeon haven't stitched properly. These two surgeries were done with in a span of 7 days thats a week. And, one more thing is that, though he was over dosed with sleeping medicine; the medicine haven't worked for him. And, I heard his painful voice from a kilo meter away from the place of surgery. Imagine how much pain he would have experienced. Me and my friend haven't slept for 15 days. As, we took care of him completely to make him cured. His large intestine got cut in the second surgery. Now, he is 6 months old. I am now trying to predict him out of eating scrap at my presence. Use to hit him if situation forces me to do so. Now he is as strong as he broken 4 medium sized leash chains in a span of 15 days. Though I am against  to leash my pet, situation is forcing me to do so. As, my aged mother could neither observe him all day nor predict him from such activity. And, my vet said that; the repeat of such activity has no remedy in vet. science. The only thing what I could do is to register a burial ground for him. 

The moral here is, no animal lover will harm them wontedly. Unless and until the situation forces them to do so. I never hit him when he bit me so hard. But, I use to hit him only when he do stupid things.

Don't harm your pets as they are sensitive. But, predict them from blunders they do. The pain what we give should not exceed the limit of pain that comes from his/her activity.

As why I bared the pain of my dogs bite is because he is going to bare more pain than what I bared if I couldn't predict him.


Sri Charan
These 2 surgeries cost me around 30 thousand. People who adopt, will they invest this money or will they sacrifice their 15 days sleep for a freely availing animal??? But, if the money you are investing is your earning; you will for sure do what I did. Don't encourage animal adoption. People are good to see till the animal is healthy. Not more than that.

By: Sri Charan | 07 Nov 2010

Sri Charan
Just like your TV or Refrigerator will be repaired once it gets any problem. The animal you buy it with your money is always a value for you. You will for sure put your hard core efforts to protect him.

By: Sri Charan | 07 Nov 2010

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