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“I am slave to my four adorable kittens.” says this Bangalore resident. This is a surprising sentence. It has always been the other way round. Animals have been our slaves for generations whether to give us milk or to carry our load.  It is heartening to see a turnaround of events. How many times does someone say I am slave to my pets? This is a story of a young professional who got his own place especially to bring home these kittens.

sriram pet adoption storySuch is a story of Sriram, a Chartered Accountant by profession and an aspiring musician. This 29 year old has opened his heart and doors to these four kittens; Houdini, Artemis, Kitler and Button. It is not every day that you will see someone adopting cats. So how did this love affair start, “I always wanted a cat and when I finally got a place in Bangalore I decided it was time to welcome them into my home.” says Sriram.

Sriram was introduced to the world of adoption by his friends who regularly provide foster care to various stray dogs and cats. He says “I walked into his house and he introduced me to my new masters; a sprightly orange tabby called Stripey (later rechristened Goblin) and a white-and-gold ball of fur called Aurelius. I now share my house and my food with their four kittens and regularly help foster/adopt kittens as well.”

A pet is not about buying pedigree breeds; a pet is about love and affection. They teach us humans how to give and expect nothing in return. There is a general belief that stray animals are prone to more diseases and are difficult to train. This is not the case, this myth needs to be busted stray animals or the Indian breeds are tougher than most pedigree breeds. They have built a strong immunity towards diseases and can be trained as easily as any pedigree breed. Sriram says, “There really is no need to buy a pet when there are so many adorable stray kittens and pups out there just waiting for a home.”( How To Train A Pet)

pet lover storyThere are more people like Sriram, who want to adopt a pet but do not know where to go. If you want to do this good deed do not wait further, welcome these darlings into your home and heart. Every corner has a cat or a dog that needs a home in exchange of unconditional love and an everlasting camaraderie. Sriram says that instead of adopting one pet it is better to adopt two pets. They not only make life a little better but keep each other company when you are at work!

In the joy of adopting a pet we sometime forget that they also need time to adjust to the idea of us as their owners or parents. Give them time to adjust to their new surroundings and to you. Sriram says, “do not except your pet cuddle up to you the very next time they see you. Give them time joy and happiness is just round the corner.”

We are all taught to respect our elders but how many textbooks in schools teach us about respecting animals. We are taught about our fundamental rights but how many times do you hear about animal rights being taught in classrooms. The change has to come at grassroot level.  There have been cases of adopted pets being returned to the shelter home because the landlord does not approve or the neighbors find it annoying. It is a right of every citizen to keep a pet if he or she wants. If you want to have a pet then go ahead and have it

Adopting a pet is very noble deed but do not do it because you have to, do it because you want to. As Sriram says, “having a pet is lifelong commitment. It is not something that you can get bored of when they grow old. You have to remember that they will also have their ups and downs and they need the equal amount of affection as any of your family members. If you can give them that then only adopt a pet.”

Sriram at the moment has his handful with his four babies but this young professional will love to welcome more in his home and heart if it allows him. He says that as humans, each of his babies has individual traits. They are individuals in their own right with the cutest and adorable faces of kittens. His suggestion is to take the plunge if you have your heart set to it. You might think that saving one cat will not change the world at large. But always remember it will change the life of that cat. It’s time to turn around and make that change happens in some animal’s life.

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