Who says cats and dogs cannot be best friends?

09 Jul 2015 | by | Posted in: Funny Posts

Have you heard of the phrase "opposites attract"? Cats and dogs are so different from each other, especially when it comes to their personalities and temperament. Yet, when together, they make the cutest and the best of friends! Need proof? Scroll down!

She makes his world perfect!


Kisses or accupressure - She makes it all worthwhile!

cd 1

They got each other's back ... and love!

cd 2

You and I will make things okay..

cd 3

Quit being take a kiss!

cd 4

Nothing like a head massage to start your day!

cd 7

You are the apple of my eye!

cd 8

You are as sweet as cookies


CD 9

There there ... no need to worry!

cd 10

Are you feeling the blues? Here, mwwaaahh!!

cd 13

One more for the photographer!

cd 17

You are my honey cupcake

cd 19

There was a frown on your face, there i kissed it away!


Love is all I can give


It's no secret - you are my woofmate!


A kiss for good luck!


With you as my friend, everything is bright and beautful!


Our thoughts match...we match


Thank you for being my best bud!

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