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Why do dog tilt their heads?

20 May 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Ever wondered why your dog tilts his head? Do they want to express something? Or are they are not feeling fine? Well, to answer your query, we have explored the reasons behind their cute little head tilt. There are so many possible answers behind this question. Some vets suggest that it is just a physical attribute; some say your dog might have some medical implication and others suggest it’s a part of their behavior.

Physical aspect

Image Source - www.mthai.com

Everyone knows that dogs have better hearing senses than humans. Just like when we hear a sound and turn our heads to see where the sound came from, dogs probably react in the same way. Or perhaps the orientation of dog’s head is in a way that it seems tilted most of the times. Another physical attribute here is that, to listen well, dogs tilt their heads.


Image Source - www.mirror.co.uk

Another possible reason as why your dog tilts his head could be that he is showcasing his emotions. According to studies, dogs are empathetic mammals. If he is tilting his head, he could be empathizing with you. Experts say that if your dog is treated with love and affection all the time, they tilt their heads more often.

Vestibular disease

Image Source - www.drdebbie.net

According to veterinarians, the idiopathic vestibular disease can also be one of the reasons why your dog tilts his head. This disease affects the orientation and balance of pooch’s body. Common symptoms of the same are lack of physical stability and dizziness. The vestibular disease can be caused by ear infection, or an injury or even physical trauma. However, it is mostly seen in elder dogs, but head tilting is one of the primary signs of this ailment.

Embarrassment or shame


Image Source - www.huffingtonpost.com

There are times when your dog is ashamed or embarrassed due to something, which is making his head a little titled. Physical discomfort is one thing, but the embarrassing feel in your pup’s eyes can be seen very clearly. Make sure you shower your pooch with all the love and affection and not give chance to make him feel shame or embarrassed in any way.

Hence, depending on the context, your furry little friend might be tilting his head because of the above mentioned reasons. If you have noticed some more reasons, don’t hesitate and share with us.

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