Why do dogs lick?

01 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Do you love it or you find it gross when your dog licks you? Whatever may be the answer, but have you ever thought a reason behind it? Why do they lick? Well, we have the answer to this. According to veterinarians, there are two categories, one being medical and the other one behavioral. Sometimes, your dog licking you or him is perfectly a normal behavior. But there are chances that he might not be well health-wise too. cover Image Source: Mostly we see that our dogs lick humans more. This can be a part of their behavior. Licking can be a sign of several things.   - Communication between mother dog licking her pups mother dog Image Source:   - Submission from one pooch to another one. dog submission Image Source: - Adoration, as when a dog licks other dogs ears or face. adoration Image Source:   As per facts, when we sweat, dogs find that salty skin taste good. Another part that we have to take into consideration is why do dogs lick themselves? Most of the time, you might have noticed that your pooch is busy licking himself. dog licking him Image Source:   As said by veterinarians, skin lesions are one particular reason that is behind the excessive licking of your dog. Apart from that there are many other medical reasons as well. final Image Source: 1. Be it a human or a dog, if you get hurt, the first thing you do it lick it. Its natural. Dogs lick their wounds often. 2. Fleas are another big cause. Just one flea is enough to make your dog join the lick-fest. If your dog is licking on the joint where the body and tail joins, there are high chances that your mutt is allergic to fleas. 3. Your dog can be allergic to seasonal changes too. To fight from them, you will find him licking. We suggest you to book an appointment with a vet. 4. If there is an area on skin which is red, hell be licking it vigorously. Dont avoid the situation and get his skin examined immediately. Know your dog well, and care for him and we are sure that hell love you even more!

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