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Why Do Dogs Make Weird Noises When They Dream?

07 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Uh Oh! Does your dog too make noises while it’s sleeping? Mine does! Want to know what it really means? Read here!!

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Dog owners have been an audience to all the peculiar habits of dogs like the foolish looking catching up game with their own tails. And who can forget the notorious and obnoxious butt sniffing habits! Among the many peculiarities, whimpering, whining and the twitching of their legs seems to be the most adorable.

Dogs like most mammals go through the REM phase of sleep. REM is the fifth stage in the sleep process of dogs and other animals. Scientists have found out that dogs have the similar brain waves to humans, not only when sleeping but also when active. But considering only their sleeping period, dogs have the same areas active during their sleep as has been found in sleeping humans. When humans dream their outward reactions are minor subconscious responses to what is actually happening in the dream itself. However, due to the sleep induced natural paralysis of voluntary body parts, the action cannot resemble real-time actions. The same is true for Dogs.

During their sleep dogs have a wide range of dreams in response to the daily activities or older memories. They might dream of their favouritedelicacies or the wonderful camping trip with family or a possible painful incident. Although we can never be sure of the contents of their dreams, scientists have come to the conclusion that dogs have more of dreams related to their sense of smell. This happens because dogs are used to experiencing real world through their noses, rather than the obvious sense of hearing and vision. Every action or movement, be it vocal or physical is suggestive of the content of the dream. Licking or chewing noises may indicate that they are dreaming of food, or whimpering, which may indicate a nightmare.

Although these actions do not call for immediate attention, not every response to a dream is considered normal. Extremely rapid breathing, uncontrolled convulsions, sounds displaying high levels of pain, or anything else which would normally be unnatural while the dog was awake would require the intervention of the owner. In more extreme cases, veterinary help should be sought. It is important to awaken the dog by calling out to it to help him ease out from the nightmare, if any of the aforesaid response is noted.

Perhaps the very fact that dogs dream seems intriguing. Whenever you see your dog dreaming, it is all the more fun, taking the guess as to what your furry friend is dreaming. What is your guess?


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