Why I'd rather have more dogs in my life than men!

30 May 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Dogs v/s humans… who would you choose? I choose my furball over all men. I’d rather have these comforting pooches in my life, instead of the (not-so)-humane drama!


Something about dogs is just so comforting…that many people are simply choosing to replace human company with the company of their pet dogs. Well, pet would be a rather inaccurate term to use in these scenarios. The dogs are family to their people. Think about how you feel when you come home from work all tired out, after a really bad day with boss chewing you out and your co-workers saying stuff about you behind your back. Think about just opening the gate and then seeing your dog’s loving face at the window, barking and whining in his eagerness to see you. Because no matter what you do, no matter who you are, to your dog, you are his hero. This is ‘unconditional and irrevocable’ love that is true in every sense.

Many psychologists have traced this growing trend to the rise in mentally taxing, 9 to 5 corporate jobs. After a long day in office, finding the right balance to have a happy relationship at home is difficult for many people. So they are choosing to let go of complicated human relationships and going for the more simple, uncomplicated and undemanding relationships with dogs.

Dogs need special love and care too. If enough time and attention is not spent on your dog, he may feel insecure and become depressed. But unlike a person, your dog does not want complicated emotional expenditure. All your dog wants is love and some time. In return, he will love you with all his heart, and be loyal to you until the end. And it is impossible not to feel the same way about your dog too. A relation with a dog is uncomplicated and loving.

Think about the relations soldiers have with their dogs. That is love and loyalty until the last breath; a relation where there are no demands on either side, or perfect understanding between both parties. Such a relation between two humans is next to impossible. There is something in the very make of human and dog minds that make them perfectly compatible friends. BFFs without the soul-sucking drama.

However, it is also unhealthy to replace all human contact with animal contact. You need to strike a balance between the two. But with the busy cosmopolitan lifestyles that people have these days, the only viable option is a loving dog who will accept you unconditionally and make the world seem a brighter place.

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