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Why should you train your dog?

17 Apr 2009 | by | Posted in: Training

"Dog Training" is a pretty simple term in our dictionary. The trainer teaches, the dog learns and thats it! I think its an over-simplification. Though it improves our pet's life, there are other wonderful benefits too. Dog training is an interaction. And in any interaction, all parties involved take something away from the experience.

In the case of dog training, the dog does learn appropriate behaviors. He, however, is not the only learner in the process. The dog trainer also gains from the interaction. So what’s in it for me? Pretty obvious. In the end, I have a fine companion with whom I can develop a great relationship.

The benefits is not only in having a "good" dog, one who doesn't destroy my property or try my patience at every turn. These benefits are too good to be disregarded or trivialized. However, when one closely examines dog training, they find that the teacher gains even more from his interaction with the canine pupil. We gain insight into our own personality during the training process.

We learn that patience is not their natural strength and that training forced them to be more considerate and calm. Alternatively, they may learn their threshold for frustration was actually higher than they had imagined. These lessons, learned through interaction with a dog, are transferable into other segments of one's life. For example, If I have worked with a problem dog, I might find it easier to deal with a difficult client or employee- We learn that we can be patient and see a situation through without "losing it." We also gain insight into what WE really want from our life.

Our interaction throughout the training can improve our perspective on self and personal motivation. We may find a new realization of how much we appreciate life and can learn a great deal about friendship building. There is of course, the tremendous sense of satisfaction that comes from training a dog to consider, too. Training requires a commitment over time and a willingness to give of oneself a great deal. When we realize that we have successfully completed a long-term task, we may better understand our innate ability to set goals and to achieve them by acting consistently with those goals in mind. Dog training can become a great example of what one can accomplish with clear goals in mind.

Training dogs is not just about teaching "sit, heel, and rollover." It is about working with and interacting with another living being over an extended period of time. It is about giving instruction, of course, but it is also about receiving wisdom. Thinking of dog training as merely the enforcement of rules and expectations simply does not do justice to the wonderful process.

There is much more to it, and there is a great deal WE (dog-lovers) can learn from both the dog and the training process itself. Give it a thought !!

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