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Why Some Dogs Live Longer Than Others

17 Jun 2010 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

The average lifespan of a dog is around 12 years. But it can differ greatly depending on breed and size. Small dogs generally live longer than large dogs - the Toy Poodle lives around 14 years and the Pekingese around 13 years. The larger breeds live shorter lives on average with the Doberman Pinscher living around nine years and the Old English Sheepdog around 11.

These differences are partly due to size - the larger a dog, usually the shorter his life - and also to the reasons a breed was created. For instance, a dog that was bred purely for companionship is likely to live a long life while a dog bred for fighting, such as the PitBull, sadly isn't likely to live nearly as long.


This must be from the Intervet Chart of Dog's age seen hanging in most vet clinics. Like other vaccine manufacturers, Intervet knows that annual vaccinations (some overdo enthusiasts also promote it biannually especially for show dogs) shorten the life of our companion canines by knocking out their immunological systems causing neurological breakdown and laying them open to unabated crippling diseases in their senior years. Dog infections (other than rabies) come orally and/or intranasally where the first line of immune defence comes into play. Again, the canine diseases do not come all together. It is most unnatural to inject the vaccines all together and that too intramuscularly. These 9-in-1 vaccines seem to have been made more for the convenience of vets to make more in lesser time than for their ignorant cost conscious owners and least for the benefit of our canines. Tomorrow if there is a 12-in-1 vaccine, our vets will be found promoting the same.

By: gspal | 19 Jun 2010

Gopal Krishna
its like some human live longer and some don't.

but the basic idea is about the metabolism of body... small dogs have low rate of metabolism and they live longer... on the other hand large dogs or working and athletic type dogs have high rate of metabolism and also very likely to have injuries...

this is the basic idea when dogs don't have any genetic or serious health issue. health issue can make the life shorter for any dogs :)

By: Gopal Krishna | 20 Jun 2010

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