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Will You Be Able To Pamper Your Pet Like Hilton Does? Her Idea Of Luxury Is Out Of This World

01 Jul 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Paris Hilton , a well known American Socialite, Entertainer and an Actress is known for being the most glamorous celebrity in every little thing that she owns. From her pink Bentley that matches her pink outfit mostly, to her obsessions for fragrances and those that she has created on her own. From the fancy ‘Paris Hilton’ make up to her amazing dog mansion. Yes!! you have heard it right, its not her mansion that we are talking about here, but the beautiful dog mansion that she has created that is quite similar to her own house.




































Paris Hilton, who is known for being the ‘Barbie’ in Hollywood has built a mansion for her pets which is the replica of her own house that  is 300 sq ft and $3,25000 that will leave all of us drooling.Its fully air conditioned, has two floors and  chandeliers and all that humans might just only dream of and this is just the beginning.

Ever imagined a flat screen TV for your dog?? wait for it because her dog mansion has a flat screen TV just for her babies. - Ever imagined letting your dog watch TV? Well, she's way ahead of us. Hilton's doggie mansions have flat-screen Tv's installed in them.Have you ever planned the interiors of your house as closely as Paris has planned the interiors of her dog house?

pink living 2



Well you sure should read further in order to know what real luxury is. The mansion has two floors where the ground floor has the living room and upstairs is the bedroom and a closet that has all of their designer outfits to make them look ‘classy’.

many utte


Her dogs bear names like Tinkerbell, Dolce,Prada, Harajaku , Prince Baby Bear and Marilyn Monroe.These are mainly Chihuahuas and Pugs. According to sources, there were 17 dogs in her mansion and there are still ‘many more’. She also has a few cats in her mansion, one of which is a Persian.

She is truly a princess who believes in pampering her ‘babies’ with the same luxury she has for herself.

if you have a few ideas on how you pamper your pet then you can share your iews with us.

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